Aggregion Tells Tesla Gigafactory Engineers About Its License Management Platform

It is no secret that the Internet of Things is becoming ever more important and grows rapidly.

Increasingly, the Internet of Things is playing an ever larger role in our lives. Quite soon, smart cars that routinely go online for a variety of reasons will begin to be mass produced. Yet another crucially important technology issue today is creating autonomous power supply solutions for various devices – from gadgets that fit on one’s palm to systems capable of powering entire buildings.

Tesla is the innovation leader in both of the above fields. Recently, Aggregion’s representatives visited the famous Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada that is expected to come online by the end of 2016. During a meeting with the factory’s engineers, they delivered a presentation on the capabilities of its processing system for effective management of licenses for content generated by smart devices connected to the Internet of Things.

It is no secret that the Internet of Things is becoming ever more important and grows rapidly. However, no effective system of IoT standards and data security has been developed yet. During the meeting, the parties exchanged opinions on the development prospects of the Internet of Things and discussed a number of key problems of importance for this particular segment of the worldwide web.

Aggregion’s General Director Nukri Basharuli reminded everyone that a smart vehicle may incorporate a number of devices participating in the Internet of Things. Those could be sensors collecting data on the vehicle’s immediate surroundings, its passengers and operations of various onboard systems, as well as cameras, creature comfort devices in the cab, safety systems, etc.

Tesla cars are no exception and contain dozens of Internet-enabled devices for transmitting and receiving data through the web. Aggregion offers specific tools that could be used to track the movement of licenses for all this data and regulate access to IoT devices by third party content providers.

Following Mr. Basharuli’s presentation, Tesla engineers offered their suggestions for making Aggregion’s processing system even more effective, which Aggregion would gladly take into account while developing the next version of its platform. This will not only make its technology more efficient but also help the company create a universal model for monitoring access to content intended for IoT devices.