Aggregion Presents New Version of Its Platform at Bett Show 2016

Bett Show 2016 is a large international education technology show.

​The first event in the industry’s calendar this year, it brought together thousands of professionals from all over the world. One of the Bett’s (formerly known as the British Educational Training and Technology Show) primary goals is to make education more memorable, expedient and effective for all the participants in the process. It is for that reason that companies come here to exhibit cutting edge technology and innovations that may have a drastic impact on the educational process.

At this year’s Bett Show that took place at ExCel London on January 19-23, Aggregion presented a new version of its platform featuring integration tools for Microsoft Azure – a popular cloud solution. Our software makes short work of managing licensing parameters and tracking every copy of educational materials, such as, for example, interactive textbooks, on its way from the publisher to the end user.

 New Version, New Benefits

The new version (1.5) of our platform offers extensive capabilities for handling a wide variety of content types, such as books, multimedia, access codes and software packages. Every content type may have its own specific licensing parameters that copyright holders and merchants alike can use for extra flexibility providing access to their offerings.

Specifically, we have added two new screens for resellers, Applications and Store, that you can use to create or change any desired configuration on your own, without having to turn to us for help. In addition to adding new functionality, we have introduced a new platform design to make user experience more convenient and pleasurable.

During Bett Show 2016, Aggregion’s representatives held a number of meetings with Microsoft and Intel, discussing some of the most prominent cooperation avenues, such as developing new digital content, integrating it with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Azure, deploying server-based solutions on Intel equipment and testing them under various highly demanding scenarios. In addition, we have met with some of the largest international copyright holders that also attended Bett Show 2016. Many of them expressed an interest in Aggregion’s platform and confirmed they would be willing to participate in our projects world over.

Meeting representatives from the Ministries of Education of a number of CIS and Eastern European countries deserves a special mention. During those meetings, we have discussed a range of possible solutions based on Aggregion’s platform. A number of preliminary understandings have been reached on cooperation in education on national and international levels.