Money Task Force Gives Healthcare Providers and Consumers Access to Long-Term Care Stats and Data

Money Task Force Talks Long-Term Care in New Blog Post

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 48 percent of adults who are 65 or older will require long-term care for up to 12 months and 70 percent of those in that same age group will require some level of long-term care throughout the rest of their life. Money Task Force, a new, no-cost personal finance blog, is helping healthcare providers and consumers to navigate the issue by arming them with one-stop-access to timely information.

Its recent blog post, 101 Long Term Care Statistics, Data & Facts, delves into long-term care usage and needs, costs, caregiving, federal and state funding for long-term care, and even long-term care insurance.

“While there is not a perfect solution, the reality is that adults need to plan ahead for their potential long-term care needs. That starts with gathering information and understanding the issue and options,” said Scott Langdon, founder, Money Task Force. “Our blog gives consumers and healthcare providers a primer on the topic to make the process a little easier.”

“Given the high cost of care, consumers can’t afford to move forward without establishing a plan to pay for related expenses for the right level of care. That means they need to understand the landscape and the options available fully so they can develop the best plan forward based on their own financial situation. Reviewing current long-term care facts can help them determine the most strategic plan and help healthcare professionals and clinicians to provide guidance,” added Langdon.

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