Metal Defender Expands Product Line and Certification Approvals

Metal Defender, a leading provider of Walk Through Metal Detection systems for weapons and theft prevention has introduced a new model MD-33, and recieved multiple approvals and certifications.

Metal Defender MD-33

Metal Defender whose business model is to keep the world safe has acquired multiple certifications to assist in that endeavor. Metal Defenders’ premier Walk-Through Metal Detector model, the “MD-33” is the newest addition to the line of already certified models. Included among the certifications received for our newest flagship model are: FCC mark (Federal Communications Commission), CE compliancy (European Conformity mark), and ROHS certification (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). Along with certifications that are already held such as the Safety Act mark obtained through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, will help Metal Defender prove that it can adequately protect businesses around the globe.

Metal Defender is located just south of Chicago, Illinois in a town called Minooka. The company had one goal in mind when it was founded five years ago, “To improve safety worldwide” and to achieve this they have gone above and beyond to improve upon their products. With units located around the world in venues such as stadiums, courthouses, correctional facilities, and schools, Metal Defender has proven time and time again their reliability and ability to provide security solutions to those in need. The company’s senior technician Damien Kojder had this to say about the company “Metal Defender is a customer oriented business that puts quality of service above all else.”

We are committed to advancing and improving our technologies.

Damien Kojer, VP Metal Product Development

Whether you are bolstering security already in place, exploring security options and their relevancy in your company, or looking to integrate new measures, Metal Defender has everything you need. 

Source: Metal Defender

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