Media Help Push Young Advocates' Powerful Message for Change

Pleading for assistance from the media, the young group of advocates have received mass exposure from major news outlets.

Creator Ryan Zamo

​​​When it comes to educating the public and reaching millions of readers around the world, the press is the #1 avenue when it comes to spreading the word. Most recently the producers and creators of ‘Back Stabber’, the newest  Series on Amazon, have hit the press lines asking for help to spread the shows message. Being released just last week, the new show has picked up major traction with its incredible mission statement,.

Centering around acceptance, equality and anti-bullying, the new show has hit home with many of the top news reporters, 27-year-old producer Ryan Zamo said, “Our cast and team have been advocates for our message for over a decade now. We haven’t gotten paid for the show, and have spent the past year working like crazy to finish this series, everyone involved just believed in what the show could do. I am an openly gay male and know how it feels to be bullied and harassed, and knowing some of the victims from the Orlando massacre, I know our show has come at the right time.”  

The new Amazon series ‘Back Stabber’ premiered June 24th with a final production value of under $2,000. The show itself is available exclusively on Amazon, but the producers heavily emphasize the fact that it is not an Amazon Original Series, affiliated with Amazon nor Amazon Studios, Zamo said, “We are independently produced and just chose to premiere it on Amazon, other than that there is no connection to them. With no help in production, and no help in budget from them, we have no money to advertise or market our shows message. We reached out to the media because we know it’s the only way we have a shot of getting the message out to viewers.”

Jumping 87,000 spots on IMDB this week, major news sources have have already started releasing their stories on the show, which has helped jump-start the momentum for its growth. This past Saturday, the Miami Herald ran a story both online and in print to help the young advocates, Jordan said, “We are incredibly grateful for their support. I think our passion for our project combined with the message is really visible, and though we know the show isn’t comparable to major studio productions, we just hope that it can help make a positive impact on the world.”

The producers are still seeking further help from the media, with more stories to be published over the next few weeks, they are now focusing on approaching TV talk shows. With shows such as Ellen, The Today Show, Good Morning America and other similar shows being a top avenue for supporting messages like ‘Back Stabber’, the producers hope they can continue to gain traction with the media, Zamo added, “It’s been a long journey. But we have something that can help others struggling the way we did, and with the recent massacres involving religion, sex, orientation and the likes, someone needs to start speaking out, and we hope to be that voice.”

The new Series ‘Back Stabber’ is now available worldwide through Amazon, and free with Amazon Prime membership. And with more major news sources backing the advocates, the show seems to be steadily picking up pace, and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.   

Source: Back Stabber Series, LLC