Mboya 60th Celebration Links Kennedy, King, Kenya, Karma and Obama

On August 15, 1956 Thomas Joseph Mboya a 26 year old African subject from British East Africa arrived in the United States. Tom Mboya an African leader and a Kenya founding father sojourn to America caused the greatest influence on life in America than any single African in modern history. Both John F. Kennedy Presidency of 1960 and that of Barack Obama in 2008 are influenced by Tom Mboya. Anthony "Amp" Elmore a Karate kickboxing champion met "Mboya's Spirit" hosted a Mboya 60th Celebration.

Anthony "Amp" Elmore, Congressman Steve Cohen, State Senator Reginald Tate

​The billboard pictures of Anthony "Amp" Elmore and  Sarah Obama the 96 year old grandmother of President Barack Obama Jr. and Elmore in Kogelo, Kenya the town of the Obama family hangs  outside of Elmore's  African influenced home in Memphis. The pictures  connects Orange Mound and Kenya.

Elmore a 5 time world Karate/Kickboxing champion and a "Proud Black Buddhist" for over 46 years never imagined re-embracing his childhood hero John F. Kennedy, picking up the gauntlet of Dr. Martin Luther King, carrying the banner of Harriet Tubman via leading African/Americans to unite to their ancestry homeland of Africa and inviting two Presidents to visit "Orange Mound." Orange Mound formally the John George Deaderick Plantation is the 1st neighborhood in America built by African/Americans. 

"I just returned from Africa a little more than a month ago and I had the opportunity to talk to most of the major leaders of the new independent countries of Africa and also leaders of countries that are moving toward independence. They are familiar with it and they are saying in no uncertain terms that racism and colonialism must go for they see the two are as based on the same principle, a sort of contempt for life, and a contempt for human personality."

Dr. Martin Luther King, Civil Rights Champion honored Black Leader

For over four decades Elmore has  jogged through the streets of  Orange Mound doing Karate/Kickboxing  kicks and punches.  Elmore's Kicks and punches lead him to Nairobi, Kenya in 1990 where he premiered his independent Memphis produced film "The Contemporary Gladiator."  While on Safari at Massai Mara plains in Kenya Elmore experienced a "Karmic Revelation"  whereas he was  admonished to help in the cause to bring the Africans back home.   The distance from Memphis, Tennessee to Nairobi, Kenya is 8,300 miles,   Amp Elmore is looking to close the distance between Kenya and America  via bringing our families  together and building a "Cultural Pathway to Africa."

August 15 2016 marks the 60th Anniversary of the 26 year old African Tom Mboya's arrival to America.  Mboya's quest in  the U.S. lead to the greatest  and most historic influence on American culture. Mboya influenced Candidate John F. Kennedy to sponsor airfare for African students an event that influenced  the 1960 Presidential election giving Kennedy  Black votes. The Black vote in 1960 lead Kennedy to  not only win in 1960, Blacks changed from Republican to Democrat. Elmore notes; In regards to Barack Obama Jr.; "without a Tom Mboya there would be no President Obama."

The relationship to Kenya and President Obama is "Karma." In the book 1st published in 1995 by Barack Obama Jr. "Dreams of my Father" it is easy to understand President Obama's relationship to Kenya.  Elmore notes the Kenya Memphis connection leads to Dr. King and Kenya's Tom Mboya.

In 1989 Kenya was the 1st African country honored in its annual "Memphis in May Celebration."  The celebration brought many Kenyans to Memphis including a Kenyan actor, dancer, producer, promoter by the name of Tom Mwangi. Mwangi who worked on Major Hollywood films produced in Kenya arranged for Elmore's Memphis produced film to be premiered in Kenya.  The Mwangi/Elmore relationship has lead to a destiny that can change course of history in America.

Dr. Martin Luther King was greatly concerned about Africa and he viewed racism in America and colonialism in Africa a contempt for life and human personality.  Dr. King made his 1st trip abroad in March of 1957 to witness Ghana's independence. Dr. King was a board member of "ACOA" or "American committee on Africa.  In 1959 Kenya leader Tom Mboya Marched with Dr. King in Washington D.C. in April of 1959. In May of 1959 Dr. King held a fund raiser for Tom Mboya and his Church sponsored African students whom Tom Mboya had arranged to get scholarships at colleges in America.

A lost audio tape interview of Dr. King discovered in an attic Tennessee revealed that Dr. King traveled  to Nigeria in November 1960 to attend the Inauguration of Nigeria’s Nnamdi Azikiwe in Lagos.  In 1964  En route to receive his Noble Prize Dr. King stopped  in London to protest apartheid in South Africa.

The civil rights movement in America lead to the "civil Rights act of 1964" and major changes in America. The fight against colonization in Africa lead to independent African nations.  African/Americans were not only brought to America as slaves African/Americans were robbed of their African history, culture, and language and made to hate Africa and servile all connections to Africa. Dr. Martin Luther king made an effort to re-connect Africa and African Americans.

Dr. Martin Luther King in his last speech in Memphis, Tennessee on April 3, 1968  mentions Johannesburg, South Africa, Accra, Ghana and Nairobi, Kenya. The  August 13, 2016  "Tom Mboya 60th" celebration  picks up the Gauntlets of  Dr. Martin Luther King and Tom Mboya.  April 4, 2018 marks Dr. Martin Luther King's 50th.  We are asking American President Barack Obama Jr. and Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta to come to Memphis  for Dr. King's 50th. The proper way to honor the legacy of both Dr. King and Tom Mboya is family.  We asking the Country of Kenya to "Honor African/Americans with a Formal State Reception in Kenya " in July of 2019.

President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther,  and Tom Mboya would all smile witnessing  from the once John George Deaderick Plantation now called "Orange Mound" the descendants of slaves lead Americans both Black and White to Kenya to witness the "Historic event" whereas Americans of African descent are reconnected to their Ancestral Home land, the event will allow Whites to experience Africa the birth of all humanity.  

Anthony "Amp" Elmore call the event "The Safari Initiative."  Safari an acronym for "Styled African Family Application Renaissance Initiative."  Memphis Congressman Steve Cohen and Tennessee State Senator Reginald Tate joined Elmore for the Mboya's 6oth.

Source: The Safari Initiative Foundation


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