Mako Medical Laboratories Launches New Mobile App Aimed at Lowering Pharmacy Cost

Mako Medical is releasing a new mobile app that will help patients know exactly what the true cost of medications is

A new pharmacy program called MakoRx was launched by Mako Medical Laboratories in an effort to tackle one of the biggest challenges Americans are facing —  prescription cost. MakoRx will be led by Dr. Vinay Patel, who has spent his career building new pharmacy models. 

Extensive research from self-funded employers, independent providers, wholesalers, and independent pharmacies has provided the basis for this new disruptive model being launched by Mako Medical Laboratories.  “Every one of us has a family member or knows someone that is struggling with the cost of medication. The problem is — no one knows why they cost so much,” says Chad Price, President of Mako Medical. "You can find the cost of a car, house, or book a cruise online but we still have no idea what prescriptions cost or where the best place to buy them is.”

MakoRx’s tech team has developed a proprietary mobile app that will allow users to search a drug, see the cost of medication, and know exactly where to go to get it. To address rural markets and access issues, delivery is available and partnerships with independent pharmacies will be leveraged. 

Mako Medical Laboratories said that the MakoRx platform will provide a new pricing model using a “cost-plus” basis so that families know the true cost — not the inflated retail amount often published on other sites. The MakoRx platform will allow patients to get the same price from all locations, unlike the other online options that list different prices at different pharmacies. 

MakoRx will also offer a loyalty card that can be used by families that have insurance and prescription coverage but struggle with high deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. The loyalty card could also be used by those with no health benefits. The goal is to drastically lower costs for every family in America and to simplify the process. Self-funded employer plans have also been struggling to lower pharmacy costs and control spend. 

Mako Medical said that the MakoRx app is set to be released at the end of the first quarter and will be the tool people need to understand exactly what the cost of these medications is. 

Mako Medical is known for its extensive community service and for hiring military veterans and supporting Christian missionaries. Mako Medical has won numerous awards for innovation and quality.  


Source: Mako Medical Laboratories