Mako Medical Expands COVID-19 and Antibody Testing for the Most Vulnerable

Mako Medical launches a dedicated team to provide COVID-19 and antibody testing for the elderly, disabled, and those getting care in their homes

​​As demand continues to soar around the country for COVID-19 testing, many counties, cities, and states struggle to get access to testing. The problem is much worse for the most vulnerable in our communities. Many states are still on a lockdown, with many restrictions in place. Logistical issues and procurement challenges have made testing swabs, PPE, and other vital supplies hard to find. These factors are causing serious backups and delays and increasing the turnaround time on the actual tests being run. Most laboratories around the country are averaging more than seven days to get results back. A problem many experts claim will only make matters worse for those most vulnerable — the elderly and disabled.  

Mako Medical has built a dedicated team to focus on these vulnerable patients. This team will deliver care to the elderly, home care patients, nursing homes, and those in long-term care facilities. Mako’s team of scientists has expanded testing capacity, added additional staff, and purchased additional instrumentation to address the specific needs of these patients. 

“Turnaround time is extremely important, so everything we do is focused on maintaining 24-hour turnaround on all our testing,” said Josh Arant, COO of Mako Medical and Mako Medical Laboratories. Mako Medical’s dedication to these vulnerable patients relieves the pressure on caretakers, home health agencies, and families worried about their loved ones during this time. “Many of these patients struggle with chronic conditions and depend on constant medical care. Dedicating resources to these patients was the right thing to do. That’s why we assembled a team to focus only on their needs,” said Arant. Many of these patients depend on their caretakers, so 14 days in quarantine could mean a death sentence if they were unable to be cared for during that time. 

Mako Medical has also started development of a new antibody test that would be used by assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities to screen family members visiting their loved ones. This antibody test will help determine who has had the virus and how to test those that have not. This antibody test could also help prevent any exposure after these shelter-in-place orders are lifted and more people are allowed access to these facilities. The transition to antibody testing will also help many states as they ramp up the reopening efforts.  

Mako Medical and Mako Medical Laboratories is an awarding-winning healthcare company focused on laboratory testing and pharmacy services. Mako Medical is known for its use of robotics and automation and leveraging technology. Mako Medical also hires military veterans for many of its positions and supports many nonprofits and charities. 


Source: Mako Medical