Mako Medical Expands COVID-19 Testing to Help Those on the Front Lines

Mako Medical has expanded testing capacity to accelerate turnaround times and is focusing on helping front-line healthcare workers tackling COVID-19.

Mako Medical and Mako Medical Laboratories has been working around the clock to expand capacity and testing for COVID-19. As demands continue to soar, the average turnaround time with many laboratories in America is well over one week. Many states are still on lockdown with active-shelter-in-place orders. Access to testing is difficult for many parts of the country, as swabs, PPE, and other vital supplies that go with the test have become hard to find and are on backorder. 

Mako Medical and its team of scientists have expanded testing capacity, have added additional staff, additional instrumentation, and utilized automation to help increase its current capacity. These measures allow for increased capacity and accelerated turnaround times. 

Mako Medical has also chosen to focus on front-line healthcare workers and first responders. This has allowed hospitals to continue procedures, emergency medical staff to continue practicing, and ease fears for many medical staff that are still treating patients with chronic conditions. With increased demand for testing, it was getting harder and harder to test those working in healthcare and seeing patients. 

“Turnaround time is extremely important, so everything we do is focused on maintaining 24-hour turnaround on all the testing we are running,” said Josh Arant COO of Mako Medical and Mako Medical Laboratories. "Mako Medical’s dedication to those on the front lines allows medical procedures to continue without having to sideline a doctor for 14 days for quarantine. If a doctor comes in contact with someone or suspects they have contracted the virus, we can have results back in less than 24 hours and doctors back in the hospital seeing patients," said Arant. 

Mako Medical has also made the transition to antibody testing as it prepares to ramp up for an increased demand by states wanting to begin reopening the economy. Mako Medical hopes this antibody test will help provide insight to who has had the virus already and how to continue testing those who have not.  

Mako Medical and Mako Medical Laboratories is an awarding-winning healthcare company focused on laboratory testing and pharmacy services. Mako Medical is known for its use of robotics, automation, and leveraging technology. Mako Medical also hires military veterans for many of its positions and supports many nonprofits and charities.

Source: Mako Medical, Mako Medical Laboratories