Magnetic Blocks by Lazy Monk: Innovation and Fun in a Simple Box

Lazy Monk is a small family business that has made its appearance on the market last year. This company has gained a high level of popularity in record time due to the amazing products it has launched.  Now, a new product is about to make its appearance, the new and improved magnetic block set dedicated to all children and parents. The complete bundle is a real innovation because children can learn while they are playing. Moreover, the magnetic building blocks bring children and parents together by playing and spending quality time.

Charles White, co-founder of Lazy Monk enterprise said: “Children are the future and they deserve the best of everything! So, before designing our magnetic building tiles, we carefully analyzed our competition! We wanted to bring our customers an enhanced, improved magnetic block set version, better than anything else on the market! And we have achieved that goal! Here is why the Lazy Monk magnetic tiles are the ultimate educational toys for kids!”

The magnetic blocks are made of BPA free non-toxic ABS plastic, being suitable for +3 year old children. The building titles are equipped with a super strong magnet, resistant to wear, without any risk of demagnetization, according to the Lazy Monk team. The bundle contains 5 different geometrical shapes, plus educational titles: 24 square pieces, 2 hexagons, 20 triangle pieces, 2 rectangle pieces, 8 x Ferris components, 2 wheel set, 16 number and symbol pieces and 26 alphabet pieces. All these pieces come in a high quality storage box. Also, in the package, clients will discover a few fun and helpful gifts: 2 flamboyant party pinwheels, 2 invisible ink pens for boys and girls plus the idea and an instruction manual.

With these magnetic building blocks, parents are investing in their child’s future, from such an early age. This hands-on learning method is regarded as the best way to improve their child’s creative skills. Moreover, this product helps to create parent-child bonds that last a lifetime.

The Lazy Monk team trusts their products. According to them, clients can count on these magnetic building blocks to accompany their children in the learning process for a long time. All their clients will receive a 5 year warranty with any magnetic blocks ordered.  

Quote belongs to Charles White, co-founder of Lazy Monk 

Source: Lazy Monk


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