MagicPay Merchant Services Announces Upcoming Merchant Security Process Innovation

With the addition of a customized system from RingCaptcha, merchant services leader brings a new level of quality and security to its clients.

Noted merchant account services provider MagicPay is once again proud to announce a new and innovative addition to its already industry-leading suite of solutions. In conjunction with RingCaptcha, MagicPay is bringing a new level of security, verification and speed to its own website services as well as every service offered to their new and existing clients.

"Security verification is more important than it's ever been," stated Rami Levi of MagicPay, "and because almost everyone uses a smart device now, our new custom-designed system will give our users not only increased security but the ability to track leads, prevent fraud and many other useful features."

Although the RingCaptcha service is already available online, the company has given private access to MagicPay to its leading technology available to selected enterprises only. Their technology team lead by Martin Cocaro - CTO, are working with the MagicPay team to tailor the implementation process that will be used by the merchant service provider itself as well as those it offers. In this way, MagicPay can continue to design and implement solutions for its credit card processing clients that match their needs and are flexible enough to grow with them. Although the integration process is still in development, the company expects to be able to roll out this new system in approximately two weeks' time.

Any user of membership-based web or mobile applications will be familiar with the idea of a captcha image. A randomly-generated graphic that contains numbers and letters and must be typed into a corresponding text field. This system is used to prevent automatic form-filling scripts from signing up for memberships, adding comments and so forth. While this traditional system works well, it does have one obvious flaw that is of particular interest to financial institutions and merchants alike. While the captcha can prevent automated fraud, it doesn't prevent a human being from fishing for information or providing false data.

The RingCaptcha service is different because it adds a whole new layer of what is known as "two-factor authentication" security and accuracy. A mobile number has become yet another unique piece of identification in today's world. So what the RingCaptcha service does is ask the user to verify their identity via their mobile device. When a user inputs their number, they are sent a text or receive a call that asks for verification. In this way, only the holder of the phone can actually verify themselves, despite the fact that their mobile number is not private.

"With our primary offering of mobile merchant account solutions," continued Levi, "we can add the RingCaptcha service to give them a new level of security, fraud prevention and lead and marketing tracking. In addition, we'll be integrating this service into our own website so we can verify merchants and ensure top-accuracy and level of service."

MagicPay would like to offer it's thanks to RingCaptcha for their collaboration in this subject. This added benefit to the development process has made it possible to create a unique and truly flexible system that is being tailored especially for MagicPay and its customers. With the launch of their new mobile RingCaptcha security service in two weeks, MagicPay is confident that this will be received as yet another positive move by a company that is making innovation a part of its everyday activity.

About MagicPay Merchant Services LLC

MagicPay was formed at the beginning of 2012 to be a full-service merchant account provider with a special focus on mobile payments. Although mobile payment merchant services did exist, MagicPay was created to expand the mobile payments market and take things to a whole new level by offering off-line processing, inventory options and lower processing costs. The company's overall goal is to not only provide the best possible credit card processing to its clients, but to continue to explore new and better methods for providing merchant services on smart phones and tablets.

MagicPay is dedicated to providing its clients with the best possible service, and has expanded its service options into such areas as e-commerce and MOTO accounts as well as retail merchant accounts. As the company grows rapidly, it continues to attract merchants by offering unique services and features such as free marketing software and gift card and loyalty programs.

With the introduction of such innovations as Eco-statements, the EPN and credit card processing solutions for collection agencies, Magic pay hopes to continue and grow as an industry leader with the highest level of service and environmental integrity.

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About RingCaptcha

RingCaptcha is a global phone verification service working in 200+ countries, reaching 1K carriers and 30 languages. Like so many other great companies, RingCaptcha started from a simple observation — the fact that in-house phone verification solutions are not flawless.

Across multiple platforms - mobile, web and API - RingCaptcha features and integrations suit any company needs helping them build trustworthy, reliable and safer communities.

More than 5 million users have been verified by websites and mobile apps around the world via RingCaptcha. Nowadays the service is slowly taking over the world.

To learn more about RingCaptcha, please visit their website at:


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