Florida Merchant Services Provider Adds New Bank to Offer a Wider Range of Services

MagicPay adds domestic bank that will allow a greater range of services for high-risk merchants in the U.S. and Canada.

Once again, Florida-based merchant services provider MagicPay has found a new way to serve its clients. The company has just signed a deal with a new bank that will allow MagicPay to offer an even greater range of payment processing services.

The new bank will allow MagicPay to provide a domestic option for high-risk merchants. In many cases, such businesses would have had to go outside the U.S. to find a bank. Now, MagicPay can offer them the convenience and security of U.S. based banking. This is good news for Canadian merchants as well who can now acquire a U.S. based bank through MagicPay.

"High risk merchants such as some travel agencies, debt collection agencies and so on often experience problems with their banks because of the history of the industry in general," stated Rami Levi of MagicPay, "with our new addition, these worthy companies now have a better option. We feel that everyone deserves the best merchant service, and we're constantly seeking ways to make that happen."

There are many factors that go into the quality of a merchant services provider. MagicPay is a proactive company and will meet and exceed all of them. MP takes a personal approach to each of its clients and analyzes the business' situation and custom-designs a payment processing plan that is right for the company.

Although MagicPay seeks to offer the lowest possible rate, this is not the first concern. What's most important to any merchant, but especially high-risk companies, is that their credit card transactions go through and qualify. With the new bank and with MagicPay's attention to detail, even higher risk merchants will see a better value because their transactions have a higher success rate.

"We don't take a cookie-cutter approach," continued Levi, "the demands on today's merchants require a service provider that is proactive, certified and maintains PCI compliance. Things are constantly changing and our job is to make sure our clients stay ahead of the curve."

MagicPay has proved that they are an innovative merchant services provider who pushes the edge of the envelope in order to serve their clients better. When it comes to modern credit card processing, a good payment solutions provider cannot afford to be asleep at the wheel. MagicPay has made it a goal and continues to find the best and most comprehensive solutions.

With the addition of the new bank, merchants are sure to enjoy their personal relationship with MagicPay. Any merchant, be it high-risk or not, small or large, can rest assured that it's in good hands with a company that cares and stays on top of everything.