Florida-based Merchant Service Provider Attracts New York Merchants

New York merchants want faster, more efficient credit card payment processing systems, and they're flocking to MagicPay to get them

The Big Apple is often called the city that never sleeps. 24 hours a day, something is happening in New York, and it almost always involves the sale and purchase of goods and services. Things have always been hectic, but when you add in the new digital component of mobile computing, the need for speed has never been greater.

MagicPay offers a variety of mobile payment processing solutions for merchants. This efficient and reliable way to accept credit cards has attracted the attention of many New York merchants.

"These companies are extremely busy," said Rami Levi of MagicPay, "the demand on their time is enormous, so if they can speed up the process in any way, everyone wins."

MagicPay's mobile payment processing offers these high-volume merchants a golden opportunity to earn more while making the checkout process much faster for their customers. For example, because mobile processing is handled exclusively on a smart phone or tablet, there is no need for printing receipts, having a customer sign a paper receipt or storing paper. Although there is an option to print a receipt, this can be done at any time, if desired. Everything is stored electronically and securely.

Additionally, MagicPay offers unique mobile payment processing features such as a no-service processing solution. This allows merchants to take payments even if there is no cellular or wireless internet service. Credit card information is stored as encrypted data in the POS app, and then can be processed as one or separate batches when the merchant has a connection once again.

"New York City merchants crave speed, efficiency and safety," continued Levi, "and that is what we offer them in spades."

In addition, MagicPay's mobile payment processing system offers digital signature capability, digital receipts to customers that can be customized by the merchant, advanced fraud protection and security and detailed reporting. The MagicPay system can be used anywhere and at any time, power failures and internet connections notwithstanding. With multiple device accounts, solutions for high-risk merchants and dedicated support, MagicPay keeps itself and its customer on the forefront of today's digital technology.

It is clear why high-traffic NYC merchants are seeking out this innovative merchant services provider. MagicPay has already raised the bar for merchant services in the industry. The company and its founders continually seek to improve and enhance their customers' experience while providing the best service at affordable rates.


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