Florida Based Mobile Payments Provider Sets a Challenge for Square

MagicPay offers yet another technical innovation for merchants that expands their reach even further while dealing with a critical issue.

In today's digital world, there can be no reason why a merchant cannot make a sale and process a payment from anywhere, and at any time. With so much access to computers, smart devices, wireless and the internet, there should be no reason that a merchant can't perform a transaction.

However, even in this day and age, there are still situations where wireless payment processing can become an issue. In areas where there is no cellular service, the ability to process a credit card becomes impossible.

At least, it was impossible. Renowned merchant services provider MagicPay is very pleased to be able to announce a new feature that compensates for these types of payment issues. The new service is called "offline processing" and it gives merchants a much needed bridge that spans any communications gap and makes possible any sale and at anytime from anywhere.

"It is a feature that huge Square currently does not have" stated Rami Levi of MagicPay, "and we're very proud to be able to provide it to our customers. Our company motto is credit card processing from anywhere and at any time, and the new offline processing feature really illustrates the truth of this statement."

The offline processing feature is very powerful and also very simple. When a merchant wishes to process a payment in an area with no cell service, the merchant simply processes the card with their mobile device just as they normally would. The process is stored in the app in a secure and encrypted batch. As soon as the merchant has cellular reception, he or she can then immediately process all of the stored credit card transactions with the touch of one button.

There are many circumstances where such an innovation can be handy. For merchants that operate in remote rural areas where there may be no cellular service at all, they can still make an important sale. If, for any reason, normal cell service is interrupted, a merchant can still conduct business and their transactions are only delayed until service is restored.

It is precisely because of such innovations that MagicPay is rapidly taking a leadership position in the merchant services industry. Their never-tiring efforts to personally serve their clients and to institute progressive plans and policies such as Offline Processing gives MagicPay and the businesses it serves a competitive edge.


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