Florida Credit Card Processing Provider Expands Its Free Processing Equipment Placement Program

Florida based merchant services company, MagicPay, expands its free equipment placement program by adding wireless credit card terminals to the list of provided equipment.

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, MagicPay has become known for its ongoing free terminal features that has helped thousands of small businesses nationwide accept credit cards without incurring any startup costs. In order to comply with customer's demands, MagicPay has released last week its free wireless credit card terminal placement program and is officially offering it as a part of its famous and diversified placement program.

The Free Placement Program was formed early 2013 by company officials who decided it could be a way of benefiting small businesses who do not have the capital to invest in payment processing equipment. MagicPay's ongoing efforts in helping small businesses make payment processing affordable, accessible and most of all, reliable, had continuously made company executives offer such programs.

The new addition to the pre-existing program should impact traveling merchants who offer products and services at customers' location. Wireless credit card terminals are well known for making it possible to accept payments on-the-go. Using the portable payment terminal merchants can assure easy and effective way to increase revenue by processing payments wherever business takes them.

While since the establishment of the company, MagicPay has been specializing in mobile payments, it is heading towards wireless processing due to increasing merchants' demand for paper receipts. Although a paper receipt is an option for mobile merchants, it is though inconvenient on a mobile device as it will require an external printer. The wireless terminal provides an all-in-one solution as it has a built in receipt printer that will not require any external device or accessory apart from rolling paper.

"The wireless terminal placement is another small step in a big project" says Rami Levi, a sales manager at MagicPay. The big project refers to MagicPay's goal of helping small businesses in the current economic deficit the US is facing. By offering free processing equipment MagicPay is providing businesses with the ability to process credit cards and to potentially increase their revenue by attracting new clients who otherwise would not purchase products or services from the business.

As a conclusion, MagicPay has added wireless credit card terminals to its existing free processing equipment program which provides merchants with processing equipment at no charge. The free placement program also includes retail terminals, marketing software, accounting software and the recent addition of the PIN pads. For more information about MagicPay services please visit their website at http://www.magicpay.net .

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