Mac SDK Released to Automate Blu-ray/CD/DVD Applications

SDK allows software developers to easily integrate automated Blu-ray/CD/DVD burning or reading into software applications.

Acronova Technology, Inc., the world's leading developer and manufacturer of Blu-ray/CD/DVD duplication and printing equipments, today announced its Mac Software Developers Kit (SDK) for Nimbie USB Plus disc autoloaders. The SDK offers programmers to control disc autoloaders to automatically load and unload optical discs such as Blu-ray, CD and DVD for software programs.

Previously available on Windows and Linux, the newly released Mac Software Development Kit allows programmers to easily integrate automated disc burning and reading into their own software programs on Apple OSX 10.9. The SDK supports Acronova's Nimbie USB Plus Blu-ray/CD/DVD autoloaders. The autoloader with disc capacity of 100 can be connected to a Mac or PC and operated via software for automated tasks such as duplication, burning, ripping, back up and more.

"Nimbie is one of the most affordable and reliable disc autoloaders available. The bundled software allow users to duplicate, burn, rip, archive and back up discs without additional purchase of any additional software." Jessie Tsai, CTO of Acronova Technology, said. "With the Mac SDK, more applications can utilize the disc loader, eliminate the trouble and inconvenience of manual disc feeding." He added.

SDK for Mac, PC and Linux can be requested at Starting at $559, Nimbie USB Plus disc autoloader is available via Acronova online store at

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