Import Data from Batches of Discs to Hard Drives with Robotic Disc Loaders

Copying files and folders from Blu-ray/CD/DVD to PCs automatically without manually feeding

Broadex Systems, Inc., the software developer for Blu-ray/CD/DVD applications, releases the new version of QQBoxx Pro 3 software for Acronova disc loading systems. The new version offers with improved stability on importing files and folders from discs to hard drives.

Nimbie USB Plus are software controlled disc autoloaders with 100 disc capacity. Operating with QQBoxx software package, the autoloaders can automatically process Blu-ray/CD/DVD applications such as burning, duplication and data importing without discs being fed manually. One of the functions, 'Disc to HDD', can copy data continuously from multiple discs to PC, allowing the ripping process to be done efficiently and unattended.

"Optical discs have been a popular choice for data storage as they are non-rewritable with a decent life span at low costs, however, retrieving the data from multiple discs can be labor intense and time consuming," said James Tsai, Chief Technology Engineer of Broadex Systems, Inc. "With QQBoxx and Nimbie USB Plus autoloaders, importing the data from large amount of discs can be now done effortlessly and easily. It's ideal for any organization, business, government agency or individual." He said.

QQBoxx Pro 3 is compatible and bundled with Nimbie USB and Nimbie USB Plus on PC.The latest version is now available for download at:

About Broadex Systems, Inc
Broadex Systems is a software development company, specializing in digital media design, duplication, and publishing. Broadex offer automated software solution for a variety of optical disc applications. More information at:

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Acronova Technology is an emerging manufacturing leader providing automated disc loading solutions since 2002. Acronova offer user friendly, affordable and reliable autoloaders for Blu-ray/CD/DVD/M-Disc duplication, printing, ripping and backup. More information at: