Acronova Online Store Now Open for South America

Online store now open for South America specialized in auto Blu-ray/CD/DVD duplicators, rippers, printers and publishers

Acronova Technology, Inc., the leading developer and manufacturer of automated Blu-ray / CD / DVD duplicating and printing equipments, have announced today their online shopping store, specializes in automated Blu-ray / CD / DVD duplicators and publishers, is now open to customers in South America.

Previously only available to the United States and Canada, Acronova Online Store is now accepting orders from customers in South America. The online store offers a variety of disc autoloaders, duplicators and printers including the top seller, Nimbie USB Plus. The Nimbie USB autoloader has a disc capacity of 100 discs, which can be connected to a PC to process jobs such as disc duplication, backup, ripping and more.

"We have been offering the most reliable and affordable disc autoloaders since 2002. " said Ann Egan, Marketing Director at Acronova Technology. "Now with the online store open to South America, we will be able to serve more customers who are looking for disc autoloaders, duplicators and publishers outside of United States and Canada."

Acronova Online Store is now open to customers from United States, Canada and South America at For details, contact Acronova at 732-422-1868 or e-mail

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Acronova Technology is an emerging manufacturing leader providing automated disc loading solutions since 2002. Acronova offers user friendly, affordable and reliable autoloaders for Blu-ray/CD/DVD duplication, printing, ripping and backup.

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