LowerRateCalls Now Offering a Cheaper Solution to Jail Phone Calls

LowerRateCalls provides a new voice over IP service that allows inmates to contact their families at a much cheaper rate. Instead of being charged for an expensive long distance call the inmate can now call home using a number provided by LowerRateCalls.

The cost of a local number with LowerRateCalls is $2 per month plus 5 cents per minute of usage to most destinations in the United States. This offers a dramatic savings over the long distance charges that all facilities charge.

Some clients save as much as $9 per 20 minute phone call using the service provided by LowerRateCalls.

Kevin Pack, Owner

The owner, Kevin Pack, states, "Some clients save as much as $9 per 20 minute phone call using the service provided by LowerRateCalls."

The average savings using the services provided by LowerRateCalls is 85%

LowerRateCalls even offers an unlimited calling plan for $29.99 that includes unlimited calling to one US number.

The inmate calling service provided by LowerRateCalls will work in any department of corrections facility including county jails, state prisons and federal prisons.

Source: LowerRateCalls


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