Logrand Group & Captain Up Launch a New Gamified Rewards Adventure - STRENDUS Universe

The collaboration brings rewards, tournaments, missions and challenges to STRENDUS customers

Logrand Group announces a new collaboration with Captain Up, creating an omni channel loyalty program for STRENDUS users. As customers play, they collect trophies, progress through levels, complete challenges and earn rewards.

Rewards & Promotions - when it counts

Captain Up maximizes customer engagement and loyalty using game mechanics & behavioral psychology. Enriching brands with challenges, missions, tournaments, jackpots and more

Every action counts towards a bigger goal; every step takes the customer further in a grand journey. Customers get instant feedback on their actions, achieve badges, progress through the missions, climb up the levels, unlock premium features, claim great prizes and rewards. STRENDUS is now able to promote new products, reward activities, and send direct announcements and instant feedback to customers. 

"Gamification is most important to build customer engagement and is the best solution to one of today's most painful challenges: retention. The collaboration brings various benefits such as real-time communication, promotions, and brand loyalty. Our partnership with Captain Up brings a different and powerful tool, helping us achieve our retention and customer loyalty goals. We are very excited since we will be the first in Mexico to offer this type of program," said Bernardo Verdejo, Fidelity and Customer Engagement, Logrand Entertainment Group.

"We are honored to partner with Logrand, offering premium challenges, missions and rewards, using gamification and social tools. Together, we are taking personalization to a new level, adding a layer of fun and engagement - powering up the player with relevant messages and promotions," said Uri Admon, CEO, Captain Up.

About Captain Up :

Captain Up, winner of the 2020 EGR award for Best Mobile Services Supplier, is the first fully integrated omni channel loyalty platform. The platform offers real-time challenges, rewards, messages, and promotions, tailored to match any user's preference. Captain Up is a Microsoft IP Co-Sell partner and a preferred loyalty solution.


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