Captain Up Partners With Optimove to Create a Non-Stop Engagement Rollercoaster

Introducing the next level of customer engagement - award winning platforms, Captain Up and Optimove, collaborate to gamify the user journey, optimizing user experiences

Captain Up

Customer Engagement Platform, Captain Up and CRM Marketing Hub, Optimove announced today a new strategic partnership, integrating both companies' award-winning tech, to further optimize customer engagement & loyalty. Captain Up, winner of EGR's "Best Mobile Services Supplier" award for 2020, and Optimove, winner of EGR's "Data Analytics Partner of the Year" award for 2020, join forces to enable a full, innovative and gamified player experience, aimed at increasing customer loyalty.

The new collaboration empowers brands to benefit from Optimove's industry leading multi-channel orchestration capabilities with Captain Up's behavioral economics based gamification tools, enriching customer experiences with hyper-personalized missions, rewards, tournaments, challenges, leader boards and more, across multiple channels. The partnership enables customers to collect trophies, progress through levels, upgrade status, claim daily and weekly rewards, and earn premium features, powered by unified customer data from various sources such as CRM, service clouds, and data warehouses. The joint solution supports a myriad of use-cases including;

  • A "Meta Game" filled with fun and exciting missions, awarding players with spins, bonuses & virtual goods 
  • Players are offered to compete in challenges in the games they play, while the data determines rankings & winners
  • Players are given a rewarding experience with custom prizes, based on real time behaviour analysis

"Customer engagement requires analysing multiple data points, understanding and reacting with the relevant feedback. When done right - magic happens. The partnership between Captain Up and Optimove upgrades the user experience, offering gamified journeys and tournaments, rewarding achievements, granting trophies & personal promotions. We are bringing a holistic, end-to-end offering which boosts loyalty by catering in realtime to customers' needs, according to their behaviour and preferences," said Uri Admon, Captain Up CEO

"Rewarding desired activities and behaviours at the right time is a key enabler for delivering a rich and engaging customer experience. Our partnership with Captain Up will provide our joint customers with a result-driven gamification platform, delivering dynamic, gamified experience across multiple touch points," said Pini Yakuel, Optimove's CEO and Founder.

About Optimove

Optimove is the leading CRM Marketing Hub, empowering marketers to create and manage large-scale, customer-led journeys. Optimove autonomously surfaces valuable customer engagement opportunities, orchestrates self-optimizing customer journeys, and accurately measures the incremental impact of all marketing interactions. Optimove is trusted by leading brands including Entain, Sisal, SKS365, Penn National and Lottoland. 

About Captain Up

Captain Up is an industry leading engagement and gamification platform. The first fully integrated omni channel loyalty platform - offering challenges, rewards, missions, tournaments, messages and promotions, tailored to match any user's preference. A Microsoft preferred loyalty solution and an IP Co Sell partner.

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