HPYBET Levels Up With a New Loyalty Club

HPYBET offers personalised player journeys, rewards, trophies and challenges in collaboration with Captain Up

HPYBET has announced the launch of its new loyalty club, offering personalized player journeys, real-time promotions, challenges and rewards. 

HPYBET (“Happy-Bet”), an innovative sports betting operator offering high-class entertainment through 500+ retail locations across Germany and Austria, as well as on-line and via mobile, has collaborated with loyalty and gamification specialists Captain Up – developers and managers of the Level Up engagement and retention platform – to create an omni-channel loyalty solution. 

The platform offers timed challenges and missions, real-time messages, daily and weekly rewards, a virtual shop and more, increasing customer engagement and retention. HPYBET customers will be able to collect trophies and badges, progress through levels, upgrade their status, claim physical and virtual rewards and prizes, earn premium features or purchase goods in a virtual shop.

Captain Up is the first fully integrated omni-channel loyalty platform available to the Casino and Sportsbook industry, rewarding loyalty across online and retail by creating personal player journeys using gamification, communication and social, real-time automated promotions, messages and rewards and providing tools to manage each stage of the player life cycle.​ 

Andreas Köberl, CEO, HPYBET, said, “Progressing in an extremely competitive market requires a spirit of innovation and a disruptive mindset. In Captain Up, we have found a partner that shares these traits and supports us in our aspirations. 2020 will be a year of innovation for HPYBET and launching Level Up in Q1 adds true value and a new level of entertainment for our customers. I’m really looking forward to further evolving this gamification experience within our established partnership.”

Uri Admon, CEO, Captain Up, said, “We are honored to be working with HPYBET to create new experiences, reward loyalty and offer a personal journey across all channels. Captain Up enables HPYBET to add new and exciting layers to the game, create missions and rewards based on desired activities and offer a virtual shop where players can redeem prizes for points. Together, we are taking sports betting to the next level.”


HPYBET (“Happy-Bet”) is Playtech’s full omni-channel sport betting operator in Germany and Austria. HPYBET operates 500 retail betting locations and kicked-off its standalone digital offering, hpybet.com, in late 2019. Focused on best-in-class software solutions, a disruptive mindset and responsibility, HPYBET delivers an exceptional experience in the world of sports.

About Captain Up:

Captain Up maximizes user engagement and retention, using gamification, social mechanics and communication tools and enhances the brand’s offering with behavioral economics and machine learning. The platform offers real-time challenges, rewards, messages and promotions tailored to match any user’s preference. ​https://captainup.com/

For further information:

Uri Admon, CEO, Captain Up

Source: HPYBET

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