Local 279 Carpenters Build Home Addition for Disabled Firefighter

Local 279 Carpenters Build Home Addition for Disabled Firefighter Danny McCue

When a local firefighter faced a debilitating future, union carpenter volunteers from Local 279 ensured that he would face a difficult future with a home addition that would meet his special living needs.

When Danny McCue, 19, a probationary firefighter from New City, New York, entered the hospital with flu-like systems, he never considered the unthinkable tragedy and trials that awaited him.

During his stay, the flu turned into pneumonia and then to a sepsis infection. Surgeons had to amputate one hand and both feet to save his life, forcing McCue to spend months at various hospitals for surgery and rehabilitation.

After he was released from the hospital, he faced the prospect of living in a home that didn’t have the refinements necessary for someone with McCue’s disability.

That’s when union carpenters from Local 279 stepped in to build an addition to the home, given his special needs.

“He’s a great kid, an athlete in high school and he did some volunteer work,” says union carpenter Matt Ross, council representative, Local 279, who oversaw the project. “Another carpenter reached out to me about Danny. He knew I enjoyed doing volunteer work and he asked me how we could help this kid. I knew that our team of carpenters would step up and help. What happened to Danny was heartbreaking, but at least he can now live in his addition with more comfort.”

All union locals have an individual responsible for offering volunteer services to those in need of the carpenters’ skills. What made this different is that most of the volunteer work is of a more limited nature, for example, a ramp for someone confined to a wheelchair. “In Danny’s case, we built an entire addition designed to meet his everyday needs,” said Ross. “He deserved the help and we were happy to provide it.”

Local 279 carpenters spent several weekends building the addition to the house. The volunteers included Danny Durham, Gerald Dykman, Brian Orr, Kyle Thomas, Corey Thomas, Pat O’Reilly, Zack Berzon, John Bosworth, Erick Gonzalez, Ariel Orrego, Luis Bido and Matt Ross.

Union electricians were also involved in the project. For more information, visit http://www.carpenterslu279.org/.

Source: Union Carpenters Local 279


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