Little Harvest Caye Featured in Buzzfeed

Vacation rentals are taking on a whole new look - and location - with properties available on a private island. It sounds like a dream, but American Real Estate Investments has made this tropical opportunity more accessible.

Little Harvest Caye

Off the coast of Belize, hundreds of small islands called cayes exist. One of these islands, Little Harvest Caye, was recently featured on the leading independent digital media site, Buzzfeed.  The article, which showcases 11 vacation destinations across the globe, highlights the “wow” factor of these amazing places. Little Harvest Caye, developed by American Real Estate Investments Belize, offers investors and travelers a unique opportunity for luxury and affordability.

Little Harvest Caye sits off the southern coast of Placencia, Belize on 1.5 acres of white sand. The island includes five buildings and is able to sleep up to 14 people. It’s less than one mile off the coast, so getting to/from the mainland is easy. However, with a full staff on site – including concierge and chef – there’s no need to leave.

Little Harvest Caye was designed as a fractional island and sold in January 2016. Fractional ownership is a unique ownership opportunity that makes a multi-million-dollar luxury property like Little Harvest Caye more affordable for investors. Rather than buying the entire island, an investor can purchase a share (or multiple shares) of the island. The number of shares purchased determines an owner’s percent ownership, which also determines how many weeks the owner can use each year. Most owners choose to vacation a few weeks each year and rent out their remaining weeks for a profit.

Buzzfeed attracted 92 million unique viewers from the U.S. and more than 107 million from around the world from early June until the time the article about Little Harvest Caye was published (July 2). Little Harvest Caye was listed as the number one property on the list of 11 impressive vacation homes.

American Real Estate Investments Belize specializes in developing luxury vacation homes off the coast of Placencia. Investors can wholly purchase, buy into a share of, or design from scratch a dream home or private island. Each home built by American Real Estate Investments Belize comes completely furnished with a full-time professional staff, a vehicle for owners to get around town and plenty of luxury amenities. To learn how you can own a private island like Little Harvest Caye, contact the team at

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