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John Larson, the Managing Partner of American Real Estate Investments, talks about his career in Real Estate Investing and how he helps investors achieve passive income.

John Larson, the Managing Partner of American Real Estate Investments, was recently profiled by VoyageDallas, a local media company in Dallas committed to highlighting the best of business and culture. With so many real estate investment opportunities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, VoyageDallas asked John why American Real Estate Investments is a step above the rest.

Larson began investing in real estate when he realized that traditional route of a residential real estate agent would not produce the volume of homes he was looking to achieve. "Investors buy off numbers and not off of emotion," says Larson, "so it resulted in more deals for me. More deals meant more money." After achieving some early success in the industry, John became Director of Sales with American Real Estate Investments before quickly advancing to Managing Partner.

American Real Estate Investments offers individuals an alternative way to invest their money; it's as simple as that. The company's mission is to create nearly "recession-proof" investments for their clients. Their modestly priced Class A properties continue to generate income, even when other stocks falter.

"I truly believe that rental properties are recession proof. Unlike all the other investment options out there. Think about it; someone will already be willing to rent your property, no matter how bad the economy gets. People will always need a roof over their head."

As a result, clients of American Real Estate Investments typically see a return of 7.5 percent each year, with an average annual appreciation of 10 percent. What is the secret behind American Real Estate Investments' success? For one thing, it isn't luck:

"I don't believe in luck. I only believe in hard work and ethics. If you work hard and run an ethical business, you will be successful. If you don't, well … you won't."

Also, John attributes his success to a commitment to keeping up with the steep learning curve or real estate investing. This commitment has helped American Real Estate Investments grow into one of the largest turnkey providers in the country. Based in the hot market of Dallas-Fort-Worth, American Real Estate Investments is currently invested in four major markets – Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, St. Louis – and continues to look for new markets.

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