Belize Named by Forbes to List of Best Countries for International Real Estate Investors

American Real Estate Investments Belize provides investors with a unique fractional ownership model to invest in vacation property at an affordable price.

Belize Real Estate Investing

There are a few key locations that international real estate investors will consider placing their money. But how and why are they choosing these specific locations? The experts on the Forbes Real Estate Council, some of the best international real estate investors in the U.S., made their list of the top nine places to put your money in real estate.

Belize was among the list of nine countries identified by Forbes. The small Caribbean country is easily overlooked by some investors. Other countries on the list like the Bahamas or Great Britain have been top investments for decades. But Belize has caught the attention of top international real estate investors for its stable growth and strong tourism, while still maintaining the native culture.

One of the big determining factors for a successful real estate investment is location. Consider the location of Belize. The country is only a 2.5-hour flight from Dallas, one the biggest cities in the U.S., and only 2 hours from Miami and Houston. Belize is also a destination for all ages. International Living Magazine listed Belize as a top location for retirees because of the tax incentives. In addition, the country offers plenty of adventures for adults and kids – beach activities, jungle cruises, ziplining, Mayan ruins, and more.

Belize is catching up to other international investment locations with an economy that's growing 20 percent annually. Its exchange rate is tied directly to the U.S. dollar, locked at a 2:1 rate. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Belize is about $3B for a population just shy of a half million. The country relies heavily on trade, as imports and exports together reflect 126 percent of the GDP.

American Real Estate Investments Belize has been building luxury beachfront villas and private islands in the southern village of Placencia, Belize for more than ten years. The company's business model allows investors to own a vacation home at an affordable price and minimal work. Through a unique structure called fractional ownership, investors can purchase an equity share in a villa or private island that is owned by no more than ten total investors. The owners all share in the revenue and expenses generated by renters throughout the year. Fractional ownership is true ownership — investors own the land, the building, the furniture, the vehicles, everything.

In recent years, American Real Estate Investments Belize has developed and sold two private islands that have been featured on HGTV's Island Hunters show — Gladden Caye and Little Harvest Caye. These islands and other properties developed by American Real Estate Investments Belize in the Placencia area are the pinnacle of luxury vacation homes for investors. To learn more about investing in a vacation home built by American Real Estate Investments Belize, visit their website at

Source: American Real Estate Investments Belize