Levapack Launches the Latest Packaging Solutions for Modern Manufacturing Industries

Levapack announced the launch of its 21 models of various packaging machines, integrated with the latest technologies for modern packagers.

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​The market for packaging machines is rapidly rising due to the tight competition between packaging companies under the same industries. The modern packager faces a lot of problems: from having a sanitary packaging line that meets international standards to the production of reliable packaging. To answer these challenges, Levapack manufactures various packaging solutions to help each manufacturer compete in the current market.

Below is a brief overview of Levapack’s packaging machines.

Levapack Can Filling Machines

Levapack offers seven fully automatic can filling models for handling powder, solid, and liquid products with various viscosity levels. These filling machines are equipped with smart counting and weighing devices for volumetric and quantitative filling of different products. The filling head of each machine is customizable for more compatibility.

Levapack Can Sealing Machines

The five machine models under this category are available in fully automatic, semi-automatic, rotary, and non-rotary machine designs. They can produce air-tight double seams with the help of four seaming rollers and are equipped with error detection sensors. The sixth model is an aluminum foil induction sealing machine which aids in the production of tamper-evident packaging.

Levapack Can Capping Machines

Levapack has two snap capping machines and three screw capping machines, all in fully automatic designs, and are equipped with lid feeders. The snap cappers are for generating childproof seals and for dust-proof capping, while their multi-headed screw capper machines are available in spindle and rotary chuck capper designs for different capping needs.

Levapack Can Labeling and Printing Machines

Levapack has two pressure-sensitive can labeling machines and two printing machine models. The pressure-sensitive can labeling machines can apply spot or wrap-around labels on caps and container bodies. While the printing machines are capable of generating long-lasting prints on containers. They can even print on uneven surfaces in any direction without leaving dead spots.

Levapack allows its customers to participate in the initial design of their machines. With close communication between Levapack’s engineers and their customers, the machine can be properly tailored to each customer’s exact needs.

Each machine’s whole structure including the size, production capacity, and brand of the electrical components are customizable. Moreover, Levapack’s machines use Cr12, 304, and 316-grade stainless steel for rust prevention and extended machine service lives. The control systems are from world-renowned brands guaranteeing a non-stop reliable production process.

Levapack’s machines are also servo-driven and pneumatically-controlled to ensure smooth production. For sure, Levapack’s machines will attract customers in various packaging industries who are looking for modern packaging solutions.

About Levapack

Guangzhou Leva Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd. is a China-based manufacturer of the most in-demand can packaging machines in the market for 14 years. With extensive experience in the Research and Development of various packaging solutions, they can create machines that can meet different packaging requirements. Their main objective is to develop simple, automated, and smart packaging machines for streamlining the production process.

To know more about Levapack’s offered products and the details about machine customization, you can reach them through the following contacts:

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