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​​Since smart devices come with new and improved features every day, the device stands need to do the same. Lamicall is answering that call by manufacturing Lamicall cell phone stands that combine ergonomic functionality, value-added features, and a lot of styles. 

 “Our cell phone stands are made in keeping with the needs of modern smartphone users. They don’t just want a run-of-the-mill phone stand for their device. What they need is a stand that holds their phone securely, lets them charge it without hassle, allows them to view their phone while it's on the stand, and even use it to record videos or take selfies. Lamicall phone stands cater to all those needs and more,” says one of the founding members of the company. 

In a market that is saturated with cheap plastic cell phone stands, Lamicall alleviates itself by producing cell phone stands from high-quality aluminum instead. The metal construction is not just sturdy and durable, it is also sleek and stylish. The chromatic finish of the cell phone stands makes them look polished and sophisticated so they can be easily displayed on office tables and more. Lamicall Cell Phone Stand S1 is a great example of how a cell phone stand can be functional, minimalistic, and upscale at the same time. 

Another standout feature of Lamicall cell phone stands is that they are equipped with padded feet. This makes sure the smartphone stays in place while preventing any scratches on the edges or screen of the phone. The Apple Watch Phone Holder 2 in 1 -WS01 features anti-scratch silicone padding as well as rubber feet. Its space-saving design makes it perfect for side-tables and bedstands. 

Consumers want cell phone stands that allow them to watch movies and videos, Facetime, record videos and selfies, and read documents and e-books hands-free. Lamicall meets those needs by manufacturing products like Adjustable Cell Phone Stand A. The phone stand features a flexible body that can be rotated up and down to adjust the viewing height of smartphones. The phone stand can be used in both portrait and landscape modes. 

About Lamicall

Lamicall is a global desktop culture brand that opened its doors to the world in 2011. The company manufactures smart-phone stands and holders designed with the end-user in mind. The brand’s philosophy is to create products that are ergonomic, functional, user-friendly, and sophisticated. Their innovative approach to cell phone stands helped them bag the Design Intelligence Award (DIA) in China in 2017. Since then the company has evolved to include more products in its catalog and expanded to more markets. 

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