Elstar Introduces Neon Lights With a New Twist

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​​Neon lights have made quite a comeback in the lighting industry. Though they were traditionally used for signage and advertisements, today, neon lights can be seen in domestic, commercial, and even industrial spaces. This growing trend of using neon lights for various lighting purposes begged the need for advancement in neon lighting technology. Elstar has stayed ahead of the curve by answering to that call with new and improved LED neon lighting rope lights. ​

As one of the leading manufacturers of LED products in Shenzhen, China, Elstar realizes the need to keep introducing LED products that keep with modern trends. Elstar LED neon lights employ the latest technology and are made from the highest-quality materials. Each neon LED light strip is housed in weatherproof, UV-resistant, and salt mist proof silicone jacket. In addition to protecting the LED strips, the silicone jacket also allows for safe bending of the rope light. 

The super flexible LED neon lights have a bending diameter of 5 cm and can easily go around corners without being damaged. Unlike traditional glass neon lights, Elstar neon LED lights are environment-friendly and safe to use. They do not contain any harmful gases and have a small carbon footprint. 

We’ve designed our neon LED lights with the end-users in mind. Our in-house production team made sure to capture the essence of neon lights by manufacturing LED light strips that give off pure, unfiltered color with no dots or shadows. At Elstar, we aspire to manufacture products that are modern, high-quality, and go the distance,” one of Elstar’s founders shares. 

While you may need professional help to install or repair glass neon lights, Elstar maintains that their LED neon lights are user-friendly. All rope lights come with adhesives and mounts so they can be easily installed. The strips can be cut after every 50 mm and can be joined end-to-end using LED light strip connectors. The neon light strips are available in red, green, blue, yellow, neutral white, warm white, and cool white colors. Elstar also offers dual-color LED neon rope lights to really uplift the lighting of any space. With both top-view and side-view LED neon light strips, users can explore creative ways of lighting their projects.

About Elstar

Elstar opened its doors to the world in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. The company started off as an LED light strip manufacturer and has since introduced products that cover all aspects of lighting. Today, Elstar provides complete lighting solutions to brand owners, wholesalers, distributors, trading companies, project contractors, and individuals. Their product range covers everything from LED light strips to wireless LED controllers, aluminum profiles, LED light strip connectors, LED light power supplies, and more.

Elstar’s in-house R&D and production department help it create state-of-the-art LED products. Their experience and expertise in the field allow them to offer full LED light strip customization. Users have never had this much control over PCB design as with Elstar. Elstar maintains its position as a one-window lighting company by offering bulk order services. Customers can not only customize their LED lights but also order lighting supplies for their entire project at one time. 

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