After Years of Service, Sofly Expands Their Watch Services to Clients Around the World

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Sofly, a manufacturer of watch parts in China, now offers a range of services to its clients from different countries. More than five years ago, the company started by making high-quality watch parts for small businesses and shop owners. Today, Sofly has expanded and is now capable of meeting the specific needs of clients.​

With their years of experience, Sofly makes high-quality watch parts. These include movement parts, bands, watch movements, watch crystals, watch buckles, gaskets, crown, and tube, watch hands, and spring bars to name a few.

The company also now offers basic tools for repairing watches including screwdrivers, files, openers, tweezers, polishing, pliers, cleaner, and hammers among others. Sofly also offers special tools such as oilers, testers, desktop tools, movement tools, and vices. For the company, offering these tools to their clients will help meet their needs more effectively.

Sofly has countless watch parts in their inventory. For them, having stocks readily available will mean faster delivery and happier clients. The watch parts they have in stock are for a variety of leading brands. Some of these are Ronda, Miyota, ETA, Seiko, Epson, TMI, Omega, Chopard, Rolex, Cartier, and so much more.

Since customer satisfaction is a priority, Sofly also provides free technical support. This is to help clients determine what they really need.

“There are so many parts for watches as well as design options. Determining what someone really needs can be quite confusing. That is why we provide free technical support. We want to help our clients figure out what they need for their businesses to grow,” a Sofly representative shares.

“Like for the repair tools, we have numerous customers who have been asking if we have them. This was the deciding factor that we also need to provide them with repair tools along with the parts they’re going to get,” she continued.

About Sofly

Although it was established over five years ago, the people behind Sofly has more than ten years of experience in making watch parts. Based in China, the company has been manufacturing high-quality watch parts and tools for many customers across the globe.

To learn more about Sofly and the different watch parts and tools they offer, please visit their website at For further inquiries, the company may be reached in the following details:

Telephone No.: +86-18620212114

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