Learn Macrobiotic Recipes With Shonali Sabherwal

Macrobiotic lifestyle and eating has been advocated by many over the years.

Macrobiotic lifestyle and eating has been advocated by many over the years. It is supposed to have plenty of health benefits and it is quite effective in combating health issues like diabetes, heart diseases, obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. Shonali Sabherwal, a well-known nutritionist and certified Macrobiotic instructor offers diet consultation and runs her cooking classes, for people who want to learn macrobiotic recipes and follow a macrobiotic diet. Ever since 2006, Shonali has been in this field and she was one of the first trained and certified Macrobiotic instructors in the country. She got her degree from Kushi Institute Becket Massachusetts before taking this up as her fulltime career.

With dozens of celebrity clients in her kitty, Shonali has helped innumerable people suffering from ailments and health issues in getting relief through Macrobiotic diet and culture. Macrobiotic basically involves food items, which are natural, organic and healthy. It involves a large portion of whole grains like oats, whole wheat, barley, brown rice and much more. Some other items included are leafy vegetables, nuts, fish, fruits, etc. There is complete absence of food items like eggs, dairy products, processed items, preservatives, artificial and synthetic food substances from the diet. Shonali runs her cooking classes, wherein she teaches how to cook food from all of the above mentioned items and her recipes see simple food items blending together to give a delicious taste. Not just that! She also teaches how to buy vegetable and other food items so as to ensure complete healthy diet. She also conducts seminars and workshops on Macrobiotic culture and its benefits. With complete knowledge about the topic she is quite an appropriate resource to get handy information on it. She prepares healthy snack s and ready to eat food items, which are available in the market. Her catering services, wherein she cooks healthy food herself can also be availed by booking on her online web portal. Her diet consultations involve prescription of a diet plan based on the nutritional needs of an individual.

Shonali runs her cooking classes and offers all her services under the brand name Soulfood, which is quite popular. She provides diet consultations, teaches macrobiotic recipes, and offers catering services, conducts seminars and much more to ensure that people can benefit from the Macrobiotic way of living and eating.

About the Company: Soul Food by Shonali Sabherwal is an initiative to render a Macrobiotic approach towards the way of life and diet. Shonali suggests the concept of having health food and the ways through which they can be cooked in tastier forms. Under the brand name of Soul Food, she offers quality diet consultation for her customers along with the meals & ready-to-eat products she prepares. Shonali has quite hyper actively supported the cause of macrobiotic culture in India ever since she took to this field in 2006. 'The Beauty Diet' published in 2012 and 'The Love Diet' published in February 2014 are the books authored by her.

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