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India and Indians have grown together into this fast developing nation which has changed a lot over the years.

​India and Indians have grown together into this fast developing nation which has changed a lot over the years. Today professionals are expected to work 24x7 with the same energy level and their lifestyle has invited several unhealthy side effects due to such a demand. Today several people suffer from diseases such as Diabetes and find it hard to compete against it due to their fast moving lifestyle. But, Shonali Sabherwal, helps these people with her expert advice as a macrobiotic nutritionist. Shonali offers Diabetic consultation along with a simple lifestyle based on the principle of high energy and healthy diet.

Macrobiotic diet includes involving whole grains like barley, whole wheat, brown rice, oats, green leafy vegetables, nuts, fish, fruits, etc. while excluding the harmful side effects of dairy products, processed food items, synthetic food substances and preservatives. Shonali works with her clients to create a customized diet plan based on each individuals needs to address issues that they suffer from and to eliminate the problems from their root. She also offers diabetic consultation helping people live a full and healthy life despite their ailment. Shonali also works with students in her cooking classes to guide them about techniques involved in cooking and selecting particular ingredients for taking the most benefits out of a healthy macrobiotic diet. Under the brand of Soulfood Shonali also produces ready to eat healthy snacks which help in today’s modern lifestyle. Shonali is consulted by several celebrities for her expert work in the field of macrobiotic diet and along with that she has authored 2 books, namely, The Love Diet and The Beauty Diet. In these books she has talked in depth about the benefits of a macrobiotic lifestyle.  In addition to that she also runs regular workshops and seminars on the benefits of a macrobiotic diet and she also runs her own catering service offering customized food items for a healthy macrobiotic lifestyle for one and all.

Shonali is also the first and only trained and certified Macrobiotic instructor in India and she extends her commitment to an excellent lifestyle by offering regular consultation to everyone. Soulfood offers a healthy alternative to a fast paced lifestyle and its beneficiaries take home a high energy, nutritious and tasty diet which helps them improve their personal and professional lives.

About the Company: Soul Food by Shonali Sabherwal is an initiative to render a Macrobiotic approach towards the way of life and diet. Shonali suggests the concept of having health food and the ways through which they can be cooked in tastier forms. Under the brand name of Soul Food, she offers quality diet consultation for her customers along with the meals & ready-to-eat products she prepares. Shonali has quite hyper actively supported the cause of macrobiotic culture in India ever since she took to this field in 2006. 'The Beauty Diet' published in 2012 and 'The Love Diet' published in February 2014 are the books authored by her.

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