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Shonali Sabherwal, who runs "Soul Food", offers wide range of diet plan consultation services.

Shonali Sabherwal, who runs “Soul Food”, offers wide range of diet plan consultation services. She is a trained and certified Macrobitic nutritionist, counselor and instructor from Kushi Institute, Becket, Massachusetts, US. Ever since, 2006, she took up macrobiotic way of living and since then she has supported it. Under her brand name, Soul Food, Shonali runs a gamut of services to provide people with Macrobiotic culture through food.

She is widely acclaimed dietician and offers diet consultation, wherein she suggests health foods depending on the nutritional requirements on an individual. Her books, The Beauty Diet released in 2012 and The love Diet released in 2014, stand testimony to her commitment towards the healthy way of living through macrobiotic foods. She has a lot of celebrity clients, who vouch for the benefits reaped from the diet plan consulted by her. It is not just diet plan consultation that Shonali offers but she also runs cooking classes for people to learn the basics of macrobiotic style of cooking. It is basically a holistic approach towards cooking, where special emphasis is laid on hygiene, attitude, tastes, mindfulness and various healthy cooking styles. She conducts regular seminars and workshops to spread awareness about the benefits of eating health foods and following a macrobiotic lifestyle. She is dedicated to provide people with a healthy living through macrobiotic and health foods.

Under her catering services, she cooks meals which are healthy and makes them from simple ingredients which combine beautifully to give a sumptuous taste. Shonali trains the students in cooking and also on how to buy vegetables and greens, so as to ensure complete healthy preparation of meals. She also prepares ready to eat food items and snacks made from healthy food items. Apart from the consultation on diet plan for general healthy lifestyle, she also offers consultation for people suffering from certain ailments like thyroid, blood pressure, etc. Weight loss is also something people can achieve through diet plans designed for the same. The easy form available online on her website is quite useful for evaluation of one’s nutritional requirements and deficiencies. With her specific questions and observations, Shonali underlines and chalks out the required diet by an individual. Her cooking classes and consultation can be really helpful for people who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle and treat ailments through macrobiotic food.

About the Company: Soul Food by Shonali Sabherwal is an initiative to render a Macrobiotic approach towards the way of life and diet. Shonali suggests the concept of having health food and the ways through which they can be cooked in tastier forms. Under the brand name of Soul Food, she offers quality diet consultation for her customers along with the meals & ready-to-eat products she prepares. Shonali has quite hyper actively supported the cause of macrobiotic culture in India ever since she took to this field in 2006. 'The Beauty Diet' published in 2012 and 'The Love Diet' published in February 2014 are the books authored by her.

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