Launch of Pelican Delivers' Send-a-Friend Cannabis Peer-to-Peer Pickup Service Proves Immediately Popular

 They say a friend with weed is a friend indeed. And that is ringing especially true for Pelican Delivers, which has seen demand for its Send-a-Friend cannabis peer-to-peer pickup service soar since its launch just a few weeks ago.

Pelican Delivers is an online marketplace that connects consumers in 11 states with a selection of local dispensaries for the purchase of their favorite recreational and medical cannabis products. Launched in 2019, the company holds the only cannabis pickup software patent in the industry, which allows users to place an order for any THC or CBD product for pickup or peer-to-peer pickup. According to the company’s founders, prior to the emergence of COVID-19, customers were evenly split between the pick-up and the recently launched Send-a-Friend -- peer-to-peer pickup options. But, as times changed, so did customer preferences. Now, Send-a-Friend is the overwhelmingly popular choice. Which, in turn, has opened the door for on-demand driver opportunities for independently contracted drivers.

Here’s how Send-a-Friend works:

·       From Pelican’s website, users type in their address and view local dispensaries near them.

·       Users shop for their favorite flowers, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles and other cannabis products.

·       The user places their order and chooses Send-a-Friend for peer-to-peer pickup.

·       Once the order is placed, the dispensary receives, confirms and fills the order.

·       Pelican sends text alerts to the customer regarding order status. 

·       A Pelican Friend picks up the customer's order and releases payment to the retail store.

·       Upon arrival, the Pelican Friend validates the customer’s age and identity and gifts their cannabis.

“Who knew we would be in the middle of a pandemic that has kept us all at home. In these really unsettling times, it’s meant a lot to us to be able to play a role in ensuring that our customers have the products they need, that dispensaries have regular business, and that we have been able to provide an income opportunity for individuals who may have been laid off from their jobs,” said Dave Comeau, co-founder.

Pelican Delivers partners with the top state-licensed cannabis dispensaries, including Budeez, Better Buds and Herbarium, to ensure customers have access to the highest quality products and service. For participating dispensaries, the service provides a complete online sales solution that is easy to use and takes just minutes to set up. Pelican recently integrated with the Metrc California State Traceability System, so it can readily onboard cannabis retail stores in minutes. Likewise, Pelican works with independently contracted drivers for reliable and professional peer-to-peer pickup.

The business is powered by sophisticated proprietary, patented software that facilitates orders, real-time lead generation for drivers and cannabis retail stores, escrow, release and transfer of funds, and authentication of customer identity prior to ordering. It is also integrated with other POS software, including Greenbits, KlickTrack and Dauntless/Karona. All state and interstate commerce laws and compliance regulations are strictly adhered to.

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Source: Pelican Delivers

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