KidzType Gives Children a Fun, Interactive Means of Learning Touch-Typing to Support Success in the Classroom

 KidzType is an online, touch-typing curriculum for children - with fun woven into each tutorial.

It's a keyboard dominated world, and we are all living in it. And while typing was once a useful career skill for the workplace, it has now become a must-have in the classroom. According to experts, the hunt and peck technique interferes with the natural flow of thoughts, which, in turn, can impede learning. That is where KidzType comes in.

Founded in 2014, KidzType is an online, touch-typing curriculum of sorts that comprises lessons, games, exercises, practices and a finger chart to provide kids with the essential skills of keyboarding and is geared specifically to the unique needs of young users. At the same time, the program is made simple for parents and teachers alike who are overseeing those educational efforts. Its Dance Mat Typing segments are, in essence, interactive typing methods that use colors and eye-catching graphics. The tutorials begin with home-row key familiarity and each of the following segments building on the last, so kids learn letter keys, basic punctuation and capitalization. The games incorporate cartoons that engage with the users, smoothly, easily guiding them through all the stages of touch-typing. Users even learn proper posture and hand and wrist positioning to help ensure they are not developing any health issues from hunching over a keyboard.  

Touch-typing means that all 10 fingers slide along the keyboard without the typist even needing to look up. People who cannot touch-type write, on average, up to 35 words per minute while those who can touch-type can type up to 65 words per minute.

“Children are increasingly expected to complete assignments on computers and to do research via the internet. Yet lack of keyboarding skills is getting in the way of the overall education process. Those skills should not be assumed because as with any specialized skills, they need to first be taught – and at a level that is age-appropriate,” said John Murray of KidzType. “Our schools all too frequently have failed to keep up with the evolving needs of students. Kids can no longer wait until high school to acquire touch-typing knowledge since they are using keyboards as early as third grade.”

The founders say that their products have been well-received for more than six years by parents in general as well as those who homeschool their children, and classroom teachers. But, according to Murray, the tutorials proven popularity with kids is what is most meaningful to them.

“Touch-typing is a skill that is essential throughout the course of one’s life, and it means the world to us to play a part in setting kids up for long-term success at school, work and in their everyday lives,” he added.

​KidzType is kidSAFE approved, which means the product has been professionally reviewed, certified, and endorsed by the organization as meeting meet its standards for online safety and privacy. For more information about KidzType and to access its tutorials, go to

For media inquiries, contact: John Murray, 949.385.2543 or

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