Join Pace Morby's Webinar on How Real Estate Wholesaling Offers Lucrative Deals & Off-Market Leads

Here's why wholesaling means buying at the lowest prices possible and access to better off-market leads.

Pace Morby

Probatesdaily is back again with yet another insightful webinar. The webinar will be led by Pace Morby on November 3 at 6:00 PM EDT.

When it comes to real estate investing, Pace is known for having successfully created a brand of his own. He has been successfully running a coaching business for those new to the industry, looking to get their feet wet in real estate wholesaling. He owns several businesses and has helped thousands of others in navigating the difficult world of real estate investing. Probatesdaily is happy to have him host the latest monthly webinar.

To speak a little about Pace, he owns AZ Contracting Group, a real estate company with over 165 employees that generates $15 million and more in yearly sales. The company was OpenDoor's contractor for all remodels, renovations, and flips for over four years and has successfully handled projects in Arizona, Vegas, and Dallas. Over the last decade, his company has delivered over 7,000 renovations and has built 150 new homes ground up.

During a brief chat about the webinar, Pace rightly pointed out that real estate investing isn't anything like stocks or bonds. With the latter, you can enter and exit the market whenever you want, but that's not the case with real estate, and this is what makes the market difficult to navigate. Moreover, wholesaling is particularly suited for individuals who aren't afraid of laying hands on a distressed property and are looking to make a healthy profit by selling it off at a higher price, though that's no easy task.

Pace is all pumped up about sharing the many secrets and tips on how to go about real estate wholesaling and the many challenges involved. However, he is also going to discuss why wholesaling offers the best deals and profits, as well as how you can get access to industry-best off-market leads, thereby helping you in making an insightful foray into real estate wholesaling.

The webinar on Probatesdaily will be one hour long and will offer a detailed insight into what wholesaling entails and how to get off-market leads. Pace will also talk about how he defied all odds and used off-market leads to scale his business up. We are hoping to make this webinar particularly interesting for young real estate entrepreneurs and students. So, don't lose this wonderful opportunity of finding out how Pace Morby made it big - his tactics of finding the right off-market leads. Make sure to join the webinar at 6:00 PM EDT on Nov 3. Click Here to Join.

Source: Probatesdaily