Join Brent Daniels' Webinar on Simple Yet Effective Telephone Marketing Programs

Find out what makes telephone marketing a lucrative and effective real estate tool in the right hands.

Brent Daniels is back again with another great webinar. This one will be led by Brent Daniels on Dec. 8 at 6:00 PM EST.

For those new to the real estate industry, Brent Daniels is a multi-million dollar wholesale real estate coach and the creator of 'Talk to People' - a simple yet highly effective telephone marketing program that empowers wholesalers to do more. As Brent puts it, TTP (as the program is popularly called), empowers wholesalers in targeting bigger and more profitable deals by shunning traditional paid forms of advertising such as PPC and postcards.

To speak a little about Brent, he provides information, advice, insight, and inspiration to help people heighten their businesses. He helps amateurs tiptoeing into the burgeoning real estate industry to muster the confidence and the knowledge to have meaningful conversations with distressed property owners and to find the best-discounted properties. In recent years, he has successfully coached hundreds of people on strategies on how to get on the phone and talk to motivated sellers. Born a natural leader, Brent combines his passion for helping others with his indomitable energy, thereby guiding individuals to crush their wholesaling goals.

Brent has already coached over 1,000 wholesalers enrolled in his 'Cold Calling Mastery' training and is all pumped up about sharing his tips and secrets on how to find success through telephone marketing programs and how to deal with the challenges that are part of the trade. He has also helped 10,000 others who listen to him on his YouTube channel and on the Wholesaling Inc. podcast.

While discussing a little about the webinar, Brent said, "The webinar would serve all who are not getting enough leads or perhaps struggling to make enough from the wholesaling business. It will also help those who have a small marketing budget, but are in search of a better ROI." The webinar on will be 90 minutes long and offer a detailed insight into how telephone marketing programs are a low-cost and yet an incredibly effective tool in the right hands.

At we are looking forward to making this webinar particularly interesting for budding real estate entrepreneurs and students. So, don't lose this wonderful opportunity of finding out how Brent made it big. Make sure to join the webinar on Dec. 8 at 6:00 PM EST.