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Find out what goes into the process of virtual wholesaling and other lucrative leads, all from the comforts of your home. is hosting yet another exciting and insightful webinar led by Jazmine Gittens on July 13, 2021, at 6:00 PM ET. Jazmine is an ambitious Real Estate Investor and Virtual Wholesaling Coach who started off her journey in the real estate wholesaling industry almost four years ago. She was laid off at four months pregnant, which guided her to take on the challenge of virtual wholesaling. She was able to earn more than $100K just in the first year of her wholesaler career. As of today, she and her husband are running a virtual real estate wholesale business in North Carolina, New Jersey and Maryland successfully. is delighted to bring her to host the latest monthly webinar.

Jazmine will share her own experiences and valuable insights to discuss the 6 Steps to Start Virtually Wholesaling from Home in this webinar. The webinar is intended to educate the young students and entrepreneurs to score their first real estate deal while being in the comforts of their homes. Looking at the current pandemic situation, the scope of virtual wholesaling has flourished significantly, and Jazmine intends to utilize that opportunity to teach students how they can earn lucrative deals by using off-market real estate leads.

Speaking about the webinar, Jazmine says, "The real estate wholesaling market is competitive and the present pandemic situation has further raised the challenge to a significant extent. However, scaling your business towards profit is possible with the right strategies. I was able to make my first deal of over $100K after I was laid off. The virtual platform may seem to be intimidating but for exactly this reason I have designed my step-by-step training program which will help students get motivated, rectify the mistakes made and eventually secure a profitable deal."

The webinar will be a one-and-a-half-hour-long event starting from 6:00 PM, where Jazmine will discuss the steps for running a virtual wholesaling business. Furthermore, she will share her experience of how she used off-market leads to secure her first $100K deal. Entrepreneurs and students who are looking forward to getting into real estate wholesaling but are unable to get started due to the pandemic crisis, can significantly benefit from this webinar as Jazmine shall focus on how real estate wholesalers can make lucrative deals virtually.

So, make sure to join the webinar and attend a valuable session on how to make it in a virtual wholesaling industry. Stay tuned, and book a seat now.