JAWS®, a Campus Cleaning Eco-Conscious Revolution for a New Generation

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions to Clean Dorms Like Home

Safer Choice Bathroom Cleaner

The Just Add Water System, JAWS®, is the sustainable, eco-conscious cleaning solution for off-campus apartments and dorm room cleaning. In the new school year, thousands of students in the U.S. will move into college and university dormitories and off-campus housing. That means hundreds of thousands of single-use spray bottles of cleaners and disinfectants are about to hit the waste stream.

The climate-conscious generation will embrace cleaning and respect the earth with JAWS® refillable cleaning solutions, which reduce single-use plastic bottle waste. One reusable spray bottle, refill pods of concentrated cleaners and ordinary tap water can change the cleaning dynamics for the new school year. 

The eco-conscious JAWS® is a space-saving, money-saving, fuel-saving cleaning revolution that cuts the number of plastic bottles entering the waste stream. One JAWS refill pod reduces plastic by 83% vs. traditional spray bottles. Dorm rooms and college housing inhabitants can save space with small, easy-to-mix concentrated cleaning solution pods instead of keeping multiple spray bottles in stock. The new eco-conscious way to clean includes EIGHT unique cleaning formulas for every part of the dorm and college housing experience. 

There aren't any science classes needed to mix up a bottle of JAWS® Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Disinfectant Cleaner*, Glass Cleaner, Foaming Bathroom Cleaner, Kitchen Cleaner, Daily Shower Cleaner, Hardwood Floor Cleaner, or Granite Cleaner & Polish. Users fill their reusable JAWS bottle with tap water, drop a concentrated e pod of their selected cleaner into the neck of the bottle, and twist on the sprayer to release the concentrate and create a streak-free cleaning solution. 

People who have joined the eco-friendly cleaning revolution of JAWS® since its inception have eliminated over 40 million single-use plastic spray bottles from entering the waste stream. 

The easy-to-use, easy-to-store, socially conscious JAWS® product line is an effective way to clean dorm rooms, and campus housing. 

About JAWS Cleaners: JAWS International, Ltd., a technology company committed to protecting the environment, developed JAWS® (Just Add Water™ System) - a patented, innovative non-toxic cleaning system designed to reduce the environmental impact of packaging in conventional spray-cleaning products, conserving the resources required to produce and ship them, while trimming end-use plastic disposal. A Founding Principal of the Company is Stop Shipping Water. It's the Right Thing to Do.

*The JAWS® Disinfectant Cleaner is not considered a non-toxic cleaner; it is made especially powerful to be a one-step disinfectant to kill 99.9% of Viruses* and Bacteria, including the SARS-associated coronavirus.

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