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A prospective entrepreneur looking at articles and blogs for answers to the question of when is it the best time to start a new business may or may not find the kind of answers they actually want. Many self-help blogs will say the best time to start is when an entrepreneur is ready to focus most of their time on their business, doesn’t have too many distractions or stressors, and so on. Brandon Frere, successful entrepreneur and CEO of several companies, says that those self-help guides are great and have their place, but sometimes numbers and solid ideas are needed for those who learn differently.

“When I look to opening a new business, it’s not going to be new and groundbreaking, because I like to thoroughly research a business before going into it,” said Frere. The best time to start a business relates to what type of business someone is looking to start. Starting the business also doesn’t necessarily mean opening doors for sales right away, either. Categorizing businesses into either cyclical or year-round industries and also into whether business benefits from a stronger or weaker economy helps start the process of figuring out when to plan and when to have things ready to go.

Holiday stores have limited times of year that their products are relevant if they only cater to one specific event. If profits are high enough from selling only one particular seasonal event items, it may cover storing the leftover product in storage until it’s ready to sell again the next year. Or a store could consider cycling different product in, like many stores do, to keep customers coming in all year to check out what has been updated. One should also keep in mind whether a business is better suited to a strong or weak economy. A healthy economy can support luxury businesses and a sick one benefits from stores that offer cheap but quality products because that is what’s needed to make ends meet.

Starting a business isn’t easy for most people, but it doesn’t have to fall down completely to guesswork about whether or not a business will do well. Research about an industry will go a long way towards helping an eager entrepreneur better prepare for the journey ahead of them. “Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone. It’s got to be a core part of someone’s identity, even if it takes them a while to realize it. One way or another, that part of their personality will come out, and from there it’s up to the person to guide it while leading a business,” said Frere.

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Brandon Frere is an entrepreneur and businessman who lives in Sonoma County, California. He has designed and created multiple companies to meet the ever-demanding needs of businesses and consumers, alike. His website,, is used as a means of communicating many of the lessons, fundamentals, and information that he has learned throughout his extensive business and personal endeavors, most recently in advocating on behalf of student loan borrowers nationwide.

As experienced during his own student loan repayment, Mr. Frere found out how difficult it can be to work with federally contracted student loan servicers and the repayment programs designed to help borrowers. Through those efforts, he gained an insider’s look into the repayment process and the motivations behind the inflating student loan debt bubble. His knowledge of the often confusing landscape of student loan repayment became a vital theme in his future endeavors, and he now uses those experiences to help guide others through the daunting process of applying for available federal repayment and loan forgiveness programs.

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