Brandon Frere on How Creating a Strong Culture Can Make a Good Company

Core Values

What does it mean to be good? An entrepreneur’s answer to that question may shape the way their company functions. Defining what traits are “good” within the context of a company defines the company’s values. These values determine which behaviors will be rewarded and punished and form the core of a company’s culture. Unfortunately, many companies do not seem to use their values as a means of creating their culture and use their values as a marketing tool, instead. Brandon Frere, founder of Ameritech Financial, Frere Enterprises and other successful ventures, thinks that company values can be used to judge an employee’s performance and define what a company will eventually become.

“A company’s culture dictates the sort of people who will be joining the company and how you want them to solve problems,” said Frere. “Once a founder decides on their values, they shouldn’t just give them lip service.”

One problem with companies that use their values as a marketing device is the lack of consistency and understanding within the organization. As an example, the company Enron had integrity, respect, communication and excellence as its primary values. Based on the way that Enron treated a whistleblower, Enron probably did not enforce their company culture according to these values. For the entirety of the company’s existence, some employees probably believed in the values of the company and believed that they were doing a great thing with a morally upstanding company. Unfortunately for them, Enron went bankrupt due to fraud and its leaders went to jail, which may mean they didn’t follow through with their values. 

Effective values can provide context and imply action. Words like “integrity,” “courage” and “curiosity” aren’t enough. In addition to defining what is considered “good,” it’s important that a company defines what those words mean to their company. After that, a company can spread its culture through actions that consistently reinforce the values the company was built on.

Clearly defining the values at a company, perhaps by using actions and specific descriptions on what each value implies, may create more consistent results and set expectations. The clearer an entrepreneur can be and the more that employees understand what is expected of them, the more the company will change to reflect those expectations.

“To make a good company, someone needs to define what good looks like to that company,” said Frere. “The creation of a company’s culture gives the opportunity to define what sort of good a company will appear to be, who will be attracted to the company and how problems will be solved. I can think of few things that do more over time than having a strong company culture.”

About Brandon Frere

Brandon Frere is an entrepreneur and businessman who lives in Sonoma County, California. He has designed and created multiple companies to meet the ever-demanding needs of businesses and consumers alike. His website,, is used as a means of communicating many of the lessons, fundamentals and information that he has learned throughout his extensive business and personal endeavors, most recently in advocating on behalf of student loan borrowers nationwide.

As experienced during his own student loan repayment, Mr. Frere found out how difficult it can be to work with federally contracted student loan servicers and the repayment programs designed to help borrowers. Through those efforts, he gained an insider’s look into the repayment process and the motivations behind the inflating student loan debt bubble. His knowledge of the often confusing landscape of student loan repayment became a vital theme in his future endeavors, and he now uses those experiences to help guide others through the daunting process of applying for available federal repayment and loan forgiveness programs.

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