Intellitronix to Make First Appearance at Corvette Funfest

The Ohio-based automotive electronics manufacturer Intellitronix will be appearing alongside Mid America Motorworks at this year's Corvette Funfest in September.

Mid America's Corvette Funfest

This year marks the 23rd annual Corvette Funfest, a yearly convention aimed at Corvette enthusiasts, restorers, and collectors that’s full of awesome Corvette and classic car products, demonstrations, accessories, and more from companies all over. Intellitronix, a Cleveland-based manufacturer of innovative automotive electronics, will be appearing alongside Mid America Motorworks at this year’s convention.

The company was invited to Funfest earlier this year after striking up a lucrative relationship with Mid America Motorworks. Intellitronix will be showcasing a lot of their best-selling products, including their LED Direct Replacement Corvette Dashes. They’ll be offering free installations, demonstrations, and will even be introducing some new products.

One of the products the team at Intellitronix is most excited to unveil are their new 3D digital dash displays. Their engineering team has been working all year to perfect the design in time to introduce at this year’s Funfest.

Corvette Funfest 2016 is coming up in less than a month. It runs from September 15-18 on Mid America Motorworks' Corporate Campus in Effingham, Illinois. Head over to the Corvette Funfest website to learn more about the convention and what you can expect to see this year. Don’t miss Intellitronix’s booth at the 23rd Corvette Funfest. Stop by to see professional installations, great Corvette accessories, and new innovative products!

If you want to check out some of what Intellitronix has to offer before the convention, check out their website, where you can browse products and even buy direct from the company.

Source: Intellitronix

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