Innowatts Launches Full Service eUtility™ Solution

Innowatts introduces scalable eUtility™ solution for utilities and retail energy providers, featuring PowerEASE™ technology

Innowatts LLC today announced the launch of eUtility, a fully integrated and scalable platform for utilities and energy providers looking to extend the value of smart meter analytics and intelligence throughout their business and customer offering. eUtility™ is built upon Innowatts’ PowerEASE™ technology, which is currently used by leading utilities and retail energy providers worldwide to provide smart meter analytics and machine learning intelligence, empowering a wide range of utility and customer operating functions.

eUtility™ provides utilities and retail energy providers with one integrated and scalable solution that leverages insights from customer meter data and consumption analytics across their business. eUtility™ uses Innowatts' PowerEASE™ technology to create an energy footprint for every meter, along with a core set of analytics that helps align their products, pricing and operating strategies to customers’ unique consumption and behavioral patterns. Through a single interface, eUtility™ provides on-demand access to all of these customer insights along with an extensive suite of modular “plug and play” solutions and technologies that allow companies to directly harvest value within each of their key business functions.

“Our vision at Innowatts is to create a scalable digital utility platform that transforms the way energy is bought, sold, managed and consumed,” said Sid Sachdeva, CEO of Innowatts. “We see eUtility™ serving as the 'nerve center' for tomorrow’s energy provider — delivering the analytics, intelligence, and technology solutions that will help reinvent the way we do business as an industry.”

The benefits delivered through eUtility™ include:

  • Dramatic improvements in load forecasting performance
  • Reductions in power procurement cost  
  • Personalized products and pricing
  • Dramatically improved ROI on marketing campaigns
  • Proactive and relevant energy engagement solution
  • Grid operations and reliability improvements

“Innowatts has had a strong track record of delivering smart meter enabled analytics and insights to each part of the energy value chain, from upstream energy procurement to downstream customer engagement,” said Bob Champagne, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development. “Today’s launch brings all of these capabilities together in a single scalable solution from which any utility or energy provider can immediately benefit.”

With convenient and scalable SaaS based pricing, companies can select the range of modules and solutions that work best for them. Clients typically begin their journey with a “starter package” of core load analytics that delivers an initial body of intelligence and demonstrates the range of applications possible using the company’s actual customer data. From there, clients are able to quickly scale their deployment to cover other applications as opportunities emerge. Innowatts provides easy integration with internal and external systems through an extensive library of APIs and integration protocols, greatly reducing implementation and integration costs. 

About Innowatts

Innowatts is a Houston-based energy technology company, focused on transforming and streamlining the energy value chain across power markets globally. Innowatts' eUtility™ platform leverages PowerEASE™ technology to analyze energy consumption data along with other variables, enabling energy providers to optimize total cost of energy and personalize the energy experience for end-consumers. Innowatts' solutions are currently deployed across multiple energy markets, processing data from over 14 million energy meters worldwide. For more information, please visit 

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Source: Innowatts, LLC

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About Innowatts

Innowatts is a leading energy technology company that combines customer centric energy intelligence, predictive analytics and AI to radically transform the way energy is bought, sold, managed and consumed.

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