Impact International Group Expands and Gives Back

Impact International Group's leaders announced an expansion to New Jersey. The company also continues to strongly supports an organization focused on bettering the decision-making skills of young people.

​Impact International Group is flourishing quickly. One of the company’s top performers, Anthony M., is leading a team in New Jersey to expand the brand’s reach. “My goals are to help others grow and build the organization, just like I had the chance to do. I also want the new location to become the number one office in the first couple months of opening up,” says Anthony.

Expansion is imperative to growth. Gil, Impact International Group’s VP of Operations, is goal-oriented when reflecting on the change. “The goal for New Jersey is to establish great relationships with the community members in that market. Once we have established a solid foundation in South Jersey, we will probably expand to North Jersey and possibly New York,” he stated. He elaborated, “We know that Anthony is the right person to lead the team. He has shown that he has the character to lead, and the right mentality to build.”

In all ways, Anthony is a true innovator. He pointed out, “I want to be a top change innovator by promoting several associates to managers within my first year.” Impact International Group’s team is enthusiastic about the development of the organization, according to Gil. He said, “Our team went above the call of duty to help another team expanding to San Antonio. We shared some awesome tips on how to be successful at their events.”

Impact International Group Makes a Difference

The change agents at Impact International Group realize that the company upholds a fantastic cause. Anthony explained, “We come together every day to help each other to get stronger at our weaknesses, so we can go out there to raise more money  and help the kids in our communities.” He continued, "Our team goes above and beyond every day to set new records for themselves and the office.”

Tamie, the company’s CEO, believes that the International Conference is an important part of the cause. “This year the conference was in Atlanta, Georgia at the Hyatt Regency,” she said. “This event has proven itself vital to our growth. It was an opportunity for all the managers and top representatives on the program to meet and collaborate.”

Two of their highest performers were invited to attend, Katherine M. and Camille C. The CEO explained that, “They are both corporate trainers and have been promoted due to their amazing leadership, dedication to success, and commitment to learning the skills necessary for management.”

She went on to say, “We hosted a multitude of workshops that enable our team to learn and develop new skills that further their knowledge of leadership, recruiting, strategic planning, and fundraising. The annual conference also allowed our team to meet and learn from the Board of Directors, as well as other influential people in the community.”

Overall, a change is being made at Impact International Group, and the expansion will only improve those efforts. Anthony concluded, “Last week our office as a whole raised $50,000. My amazing team alone raised $18,777. We all played important roles in hitting that number and we had a good time doing it. That is just the start of what we are looking to do in the future.”

About Impact International Group

Impact International Group, Inc. motivates people to get on board with the work of a nonprofit committed to helping youth make choices that will ensure their lifelong success. The team’s interactive promotional campaigns are the vehicles they use to make an impact. By starting discussions within like-minded audiences, they spread the word to help build a movement. Impact International Group, Inc. marketing and consulting services firm is growing to provide great exposure for great causes. With every contact they make, they’re shaping the future. Learn more about their mission and expertise at

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