IIG Events Developing Leadership During Travel Opportunities

IIG Events' team members have been traveling around the nation lately. Tamie, a company Partner, stated that this has been helping them develop leadership potential

​Members of the IIG Events team have recently been to Tahoe, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Dallas, Tamie indicated. She added that this traveling has helped them to expand the company and help her associates to grow as professionals and leaders. The Los Angeles and Dallas trips were particularly helpful because they were leadership conferences.

“These travel opportunities have given us lots of ways to learn and grow,” Tamie said. “Anytime we can offer development that can increase our team’s management potential, we do it. These trips give us chances to network with others, hear from top speakers in the country, and more. All this keeps us motivated, learning, and having lots of fun!”

According to Tamie, when someone from IIG Events attends a conference, he or she brings back a lot of fresh ideas to the office. These are often learned by networking with peers from around the industry. The whole team gets excited to try innovative strategies in their territories.

“Some of the events involve collaborating with other firms that represent the larger mission-driven organizations,” Tamie continued. “We work together to develop new ways of raising awareness. These gatherings spur further innovative thinking in our office. They have such a great effect on our team.”

IIG Events’ Partner, Tamie, Discusses Group Business Travel

Tamie asserted that traveling as a group is beneficial for IIG Events in and of itself. When people travel together they build trust formed by seeing each other outside the office. Additionally, they learn to rely on each other in new situations.

“Team building is essential in today’s business world,” Tamie stated. “Highly collaborative groups achieve so much. Traveling together is like a supercharged group activity. It helps people learn how to work as a unit in novel circumstances.”

Additionally, group travel helps to foster leadership, she added. When visiting new places, more team members have to step up and tackle new responsibilities. In this way, group travel is an empowering experience for the attendees.

“Besides all the business benefits, traveling together is fun,” Tamie concluded. “Sometimes the most valuable thing a leader can invest in is having everyone enjoy their time together. I encourage every manager to explore ways to get his or her team on the go more often.”

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