IIG Events to Add to Team for California Festival Season

IIG Events’ manager announced that the company is currently recruiting new team members to accommodate business growth. Summer interns are invited to apply as well to gain experience for post-collegiate careers.

“We have a lot of festivals coming up this summer where we get to promote for the organizations we represent,” said Tamie, an IIG partner. “These opportunities mean we need some new team members. Interns are always welcome with our company, especially over the summer.”

As Tamie noted, IIG Events promotes nonprofits. “We’re building awareness for these great causes,” she explained. “At various festivals, we’ll be sharing what these organizations do and how they’re making a difference in helping others enjoy fulfilling lives.”

“The ideal candidates to join our team are people who want to lend their voices for good,” she added. “We help change agents connect with like-minded individuals who support and appreciate their cause. Our role ensures that these organizations gain traction in the public and their message is spread. It’s truly satisfying work that makes a difference in our world. There’s nothing better than at the end of the day to be able to say that we’ve had a positive impact. Even if our efforts help one person make the right choices in his or her life, it’s worth it.”

IIG Events’ Partner Describes Ideal Candidate for Team

Tamie emphasized that the ideal applicant for a position at IIG Events is someone who has abundant energy and enjoys working with people. “We’re in the public eye, starting conversations with others,” she said. “This requires our team members to be personable and present.”

At IIG Events, incoming associates undergo intensive training to learn the ins and outs of promoting a nonprofit. “We focus on honing their public relations skills as well as their marketing and sales abilities,” said Tamie. “We excel at outreach because of our top-notch team. Our coaches are experts in this area and are happy to show new people how our model works and how to apply it.”

With regard to the firm’s internship program, Tamie stressed that this is an ideal opportunity for college grads seeking positions in many fields, including nonprofit management. “Our people understand the unique needs that come with promoting charities and fundraising,” she added. “If you’ve ever imagined a career being a change agent for good, this is the place to start.”

Interested individuals may apply online for these positions.

About IIG Events:

IIG, Inc.’s mission is to help D.A.R.E. America facilitate social change. We bring their online presence to life by taking it off the computer screen and into the real world. Our event-based promotions give voice to their efforts to empower young people. Passionate for change, we attract like-minded people and get them talking. We’re invested in the D.A.R.E. America mission to impart decision-making skills and help youth make choices that ensure their lifelong success. Our team members are encouraged to embrace their enthusiasm to build a movement for change. The Impact International, Inc. training program equips them with the skills needed to ensure the greatest possible benefit to the community. Check us out on weimpactyou.com.

Source: weimpactyou.com

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