IIG Events Expanding Operations Into Arizona Markets

IIG Events will be opening a new office in Arizona. One of the firm's top producers is being promoted to Partner and will be leading the expansion.

“Staying in place isn’t really an option in business. Companies are either growing or failing,” stated Tamie, IIG Events’ Partner. “This is one reason we set organizational goals; they encourage us to stretch beyond our comfort zones and ensure that we’re staying relevant in an ever-changing marketplace.”

One long-term objective that Tamie and her event managers have been working toward is expanding their operations into a new market. This target will soon be reached, as IIG Events is growing to an office in Arizona. What’s more, one of the firm’s top producers will be achieving a personal goal as well. Ellie is being promoted to Partner, and will be running the Arizona office.

“If anyone has earned the right to lead her own team, it’s Ellie,” shared Tamie. “She has a real passion for creating safer communities and empowering young people to lead drug-free lives, and has been a powerful influence in California. Her hard work, dedication, and drive have earned her this promotion, and we know she’ll thrive in Arizona.”

What the New IIG Events Partner Will Have to Look Forward to in Arizona

“This is a great time for Ellie to be setting up a new IIG Events office in Arizona,” stated Tamie. “Job growth is projected to be twice as high as the national average, which means that sharp professionals looking for business opportunities like ours will be drawn to the area. The economic boom also means that fundraising campaigns will find more traction there.”

To support her claim, Tamie points to data shared by the state of Arizona about specific business deals being brokered. For instance, Intel Corp., a tech firm that fabricates semiconductors, announced that it will be investing $7 billion in its Arizona manufacturing plant, and McKesson Corp. will be moving into a new headquarters and adding jobs as well.

“I’m excited about the adventure Ellie has in front of her,” Tamie stated. “She’s going to be extremely busy right out of the gate, as we have several peer-to-peer marketing campaigns in the works already and she will be looking for qualified and passionate professionals to get our fundraising initiatives off the ground. I know she’s up to the challenge though, and she has the full support of her IIG Events family back here in California to cheer her on.”

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IIG Events motivates people to get on board with the work of D.A.R.E. America – a nonprofit committed to helping youth make choices that will ensure their lifelong success. The team’s interactive promotional campaigns are the vehicles they use to make an impact. By starting discussions within like-minded audiences, they spread the word to help build a movement. IIG Events marketing and consulting services firm is growing to provide great exposure for great causes. With every contact they make, they’re shaping the future. Learn more about their mission and expertise at iigevents.com

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