Holiday Greetings Take an Eco-Friendly Turn With Top-Rated Audio Recording App

Aroundsound Named to 2019 Best Apps List by TechRadar

Audio holiday greetings gain traction with environmentally conscious consumers

 Environmentally conscious families around the globe are dealing with that annual dilemma: to send or not to send holiday cards. On one hand, paperless is their priority. On the other, so is keeping in touch with loved ones. Now, Aroundsound - a cutting-edge app for editable production-quality voice capture for iOS and Android - is providing an alternative to keep that Christmas spirit alive and users’ commitment to a safer environment intact: audio greetings. And its capabilities, in general, are winning rave reviews.

​Aroundsound is, in fact, taking the audio recording experience to the next level for iOS and Android users. It was recently named to TechRadar’s elite list of the best apps of 2019 list and has received similar “best of” recognition throughout the year from Google Play, Guiding Tech, Phone Dog, Android Tech and many others.

Appropriately, the app was created by Rachel Evatt, a mom with extensive leadership-level expertise in tech and app-building who wanted to capture special moments with her daughters and relive them without interference from a screen. She says what was available on the market didn’t have the editing, production and storage capabilities she wanted. So, Evatt established the start-up company Gritstone Studios, recruited a team of tech and growth experts and Aroundsound was soon born. 

The one-tap mobile app has especially taken off among young tech enthusiasts, university students, sound companies, videographers, and even lawyers, journalists and research professionals with recording needs. Aroundsound provides secure cloud syncing to all the users’ devices, including the Apple Watch. Its customizable options include editing, cropping, naming, pause, bookmarking and more. It even auto identifies the user’s location and stores and names recordings via time and date for convenience, with the option to rename those later.

“In today’s world, we believe there is a time that should be reserved for turning off your screen and tuning in to what is around you. To reliving moments differently with friends and family or in the workplace. Recording sound is an effective and non-intrusive way of encapsulating meaningful moments in time. It’s even better when you can enrich your sound with pins and notes, and share them easily with the people around you,” said Evatt. “It has proven very effective in boosting productivity in the workplace and classroom as well by providing a means of high-quality recording of meetings, conferences and lectures.

“We are excited for the unlimited potential for Aroundsound in the sustainability arena as well. Audio holiday greetings are one advantage yet other communication opportunities to eliminate paper waste are also made possible with this app,” she added.

​Aroundsound can be downloaded in the AppStore or GooglePlay for free or users can subscribe to a Premium Monthly ($.99), Premium Annual ($9.99), Pro Monthly ($4.99) or Pro Annual ($49.99) tier for added benefits like variable playback speeds. For more information, go to

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