Healthcare Startup Continues to Disrupt

Healthcare start-up; Mako Medical continues to disrupt healthcare the market.

Healthcare startup Mako Medical continues to disrupt the laboratory and pharmacy industry by innovating new mobile-based technologies and changing the way medical care is delivered. Although Mako Medical is less than 5 years old, they have managed to create history becoming the only company ever to be ranked #1 three years in a row in the Fast 50 awards. In 2019, Mako Medical finished 287 on Inc. Magazines Inc 500 list, placed as one of the Top 100 companies in North Carolina, and 10th in the Research Triangle region as one of the fastest-growing companies. The Research Triangle is a highly competitive market for Life Science and Technology companies. The Triangle is also home to many investment funds and incubators for start-ups. This competitive environment makes it hard to stand out when so many companies are performing well. The Fast 50 winners were selected and ranked based on a formula that counts revenue and profitability in the preceding three years. The numbers are crunched and analyzed by PricewaterhouseCoopers. "Beyond bolstering the top-line performance and a nose for profitability, this list of companies represents the dynamic economic fabric of the Triangle," says Jason Christie, publisher of the TBJ. "We have a mixture of private firms that have made this list for years, and we have companies making this list for the first time. Collectively, they reflect the best of the best."

Mako Medical had held the top spot for the third year in a row, a feat that has never happened anywhere in the country before. This is the second time Mako Medical has broken the record by being ranked #1 – making them the only company in America to achieve this in the history of the awards. Mako Medical has experienced explosive growth in the last few years and has quickly become a national favorite for over 50,000 medical providers around the country. Last year, Mako Medical became the first company ever to win Life Science Awards two years in a row. That same year, Mako Medical was also ranked as a Best Place to Work and announced a massive expansion with a new testing facility.

When asked about how Mako was achieving such growth, Chad Price, President of Mako Medical answered with one word, "impact." Chad went on to explain that the entire purpose behind the creation of Mako Medical was to create funding for local nonprofits/charities, to employ military veterans, and to support Christan missionaries around the world. "It is why we do what we do. Some companies are focused on shareholder value. Others are focused on returns for their investors. We are focused on making an impact in other people's lives. The more we grow, the more people we can help. The more revenue we have – the more funding we have to work with," says Chad. Today, Mako Medical supports over 472 different charities around the country, employs hundreds of military veterans, and supports over 80 Christian missionaries from Syria to Nigeria.

Mako Medical is an award-winning laboratory and pharmacy network with operations around the country. Mako Medical utilizes automation, robotics, A.I., and develops its own proprietary technology to deploy its services. Mako Medical has recently announced two new companies: and MakoRx that will expand the current service offerings and footprint of the company.

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Mako Medical Laboratories is an award winning laboratory with operations in 12 states. Mako handles some of the most complex diagnostic testing and is know for its extensive community service and veteran only workforce.

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