Hands On Gives Women Over 60 Improved Skin Appearance for Hands

Indiegogo Campaign Provides Opportunity for Early Investors

Tobias Hämmerli, Founder, Hands On

From the moment they hit the snooze button on the alarm clock each morning to making breakfast, weeding the garden and every endless task in between, human hands get a workout. And as they age, they show it. A study in the medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that hands are the most accurate reflection of a person’s age. A new product called Hands On aims to solve that and an Indiegogo campaign to attract early supporters launched this week.

Since his high school days, the product’s inventor, Tobias Hämmerli, has designed products to fill perceived gaps in the marketplace. Yet, Hands On has special meaning to him as it is a labor of love. His aunt was lamenting the appearance and dryness of her hands that she said were making her feel older. That was all the impetus Hämmerli needed to dive in to find a solution.

Hands On was months in the making and involved intensive research and prototype production. The end result is a device that uses red light sonic technology and a specially formulated lotion to both massage hands and leave skin looking better. Here are the benefits of Hands On:

·       Skin is rejuvenated from the inside out for improved appearance

·       Redness, dryness, pigmentation and impurities are reduced

·       Skin’s regenerative capabilities are stimulated

·       Lymphatic flow and cell metabolism are improved

·       The skin’s surface elasticity improves

·       Airflow generators help improve circulation

Hämmerli says the product will likely most appeal to women over 60 and sees great potential for nail salons to generate additional income with Hands On.

“We’re really excited to bring Hands On to market,” said Hämmerli. “We are basically giving women a wellness spa for their hands. And best of all, my aunt is really happy with the product.”

Opportunities for early-bird investors are available from $5 and up. To participate in the Indiegogo campaign, go to indiegogo.com. For additional information about Hands On, go to handson-beauty.ch.

Source: Hands On


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